You Lock Yourself in a Prison

You Lock Yourself in a Prison

You are free

Free to fly

Free to become what you long for,

Free to discover and seek your searching


Yet you lock yourself in a prison,



Bound by self-loathing,

Stewing in your own s*** of shame.


You’ve thrown away the key of hope,

Self-imposed solitary confinement.


Walled yourself off from the general population,

Your pains are unique, you think.


Your anger and lust are mercurial friends

Promising short term gain, never delivering long term satisfaction.


Your mind is shrouded in thick darkness of denial,

Behind bars of self sabotage.


If you think you don’t deserve freedom

it can flow outside your reach in an endless fountain of mockery.


Your life can feel like a futile joke,

Your misery the punchline.




Your life is a gift,

To be lived with curiosity and creativity

Filling you with wonder.

It’s never too late to to be free.


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