What is your Sobriety Worth?

Warning: Stop reading this now if you want the easy, quick, and convenient path. We know that road all too well and it leads to death. You are welcome to join the others walking it.


What is your Sobriety Worth?

If you want to choose freedom, you must dare to ask difficult questions.

It is only in honest reflection and applying truth that you find freedom.

If you never find freedom, what do you risk losing?





Capacity to achieve great goals


A life of Generosity

Loved ones


What has your lack of freedom cost you already?

  • Wasted time. One of our most precious resources. We can never recover the distracted moments, countless hours and days- distant, distorted, dulled spent thinking; thinking about acting out, fantasizing, pursuing and/or acting out. Not to mention the time it takes to recuperate. All of this takes its toll. How many days are wasted over the course of 5 years? 15? 30?
  • Money. Money spent directly on our addiction can add up. What’s more, painful costs include missed job promotions, never applying for jobs we could have been hired for, never starting that company we dreamed of, missing the big sale, the cost of car accidents due to distractions, legal costs incurred, the cost of divorce, late bills, and bad credit.
  • Productivity. Missing days or opportunities at work, ineffectiveness, mistakes from our chaotic lifestyle, or losing our jobs due to acting out.
  • Opportunity cost. Instead of spending time, money, imagination, energy, and resources to act out and cover it up, what else could you have done? What hobbies would you have enjoyed, what skills would you have learned, what memories made, what goals accomplished, what loved ones would you have connected with, people you would have served?
  • Health. Porn and sex addiction eventually lead to increased risks for injury and illness. Either directly, such as sexually transmitted infections or erectile dysfunction, or indirectly such as higher medical bills, illness due to poor self care, or accidents due to distraction. The anxiety, stress, and pain we put ourselves through as we avoid sleep, isolate, put off going to the doctor is destructive.
  • Relationships. The cost of the pain we have caused others is priceless and difficult to measure. Our addiction can cause embarrassment, shame, trauma, confusion, rage, deep sadness and depression, and anxiety, not to mention the loss of a loved one due to the wounds we have inflicted. We hurt those closest to us the most, even if they are unaware of our struggles.
  • Collateral damage. Money spent on food binges, alcohol, or drugs. The pain of our children or partner discovering us. The trauma we have inflicted on others. We feed the demand for human trafficking, for women to be mistreated, and child pornography.

Many of us have lost a frightening amount. Add it up. It is an overwhelming cost.


What is your sobriety worth?

If you were successful on your heroic journey, what would you gain?

You would gain yourself.

A life filled with love, meaning, purpose, hope, and humble confidence. A life not enslaved by shame, nor shrouded with secrets. The ability to lay down the burden of resentment, manage conflict and difficult emotions, and choose radical acceptance.

Freedom is a life of love and war – fighting with a great tribe using internal weapons of faith, hope, and courage.

Freedom is free. But it will cost you.

No amount of money can buy freedom. Buying freedom would be another magic wand we long for-wishing we could make our struggles disappear with just one wave, or a desperate prayer.


Compare the cost of finding freedom to the cost of losing your freedom.

Staying enslaved by your addiction  means you put off payment until some future time. The risk is an unspeakable cost.

Freedom will cost you:

The risk of being vulnerable and sharing your struggles with others

Accepting the consequences of your behavior

Learning painful new skills

Connecting when you want to isolate

Investing in what you would rather have for free


Finding your freedom requires an upfront cost and the risk is worth the reward.

It’s up to you. The price of addiction or the fee of freedom?

Which will you pay?


Until next time…Tribe on.


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