Want to Find New rTribe Friends?

Want to find new rTribe friends? We’ll connect you.

Hey Tribers,

Have you been looking for an accountability partner but couldn’t find one?

Are you established in recovery and looking to support others just starting out?

Are you just getting to the point where you want to add one and don’t know where to begin?

Well rTribe is going to take on the task of getting you a small group to call your own!

We’ll be starting with a low-tech solution of building a friend list offline and connecting people as the list grows.  We’ll be sending out connections once a week on Sundays, with the a 12pm PST Saturday cutoff to be included in the weekly matching.  Also, since we’re all about privacy, this list will be managed by us, outside the grasp of prying eyes.

We created rTribe based on the fact that people heal in a community, and having people to go through the journey with together will make everyone stronger. If you want to join the list, fill out the following survey where we ask for the following information:

  • Email/user name you use in rTribe – We can’t connect you if we don’t know you.
  • Your age –  We want to connect you with someone who has had similar life experiences.
  • Your gender –  Many people prefer to be paired with those who identity with the same gender.
  • Your State/Country – This way we can try to keep you in the same general region as your partners so you are in the same time zone when you communicate.
  • How many days, months or years you’ve been in recovery
  • Recovery organizations you may be affiliated with
  • A brief description of anything else you consider to help us group you. (Religious Preferences, College Affiliation, how often you want to chat, etc.)

Once we’ve found you a group, we’ll send everyone in this new group a welcome email, with some guidelines about being an accountability partner.


Alternatively, if you want something where you have a little more control you could try a few of the other methods we’ve outlined before.

  • Try an online or in-person 12 step meeting and ask if someone is looking for an accountability partner
  • If you use the NoFAP forum on Reddit or any other online forum, you might already have someone you trust that you could ask to be in your group.
  • Consider going to your spiritual leader and ask them if they know other people who share your struggle and might want an accountability partner.
  • Ask your therapist if someone else they are helping is looking for a recovery partner


Good luck!

Tribe On


Remember nothing is ever 100% safe and we highly recommend keeping some things private from people you don’t know.  Even though we’re connecting you with someone, it’s your responsibility to be safe.  You CAN unfriend someone especially if they’re affecting YOUR recovery!

Never share passwords. Don’t share any information you are not completely comfortable sharing. Beware of trolls. Read some articles on safe internet usage.

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