Visit Love

Visit Love

Part of a Series of thoughts on the idea of freedom from an addict’s perspective.


Enter her wondrous world,

Explore, discover and delight.

Capture undefinable travels

From her exotic and mundane places.


Take care with how you treat her, visitor.

You do not own her.

Here at her invitation,

Stay as long as you earn your welcome.


Queen of her domain,

Learn her laws, respect her reign.

Delve into curious customs,

Whimsical ways and ludicrous laughter.


Glory in quiet beaches,

Expanses of wild spaces

Where the mystery of deep waters

Mightily meets sand of sensual senses.


Spend time in her untamed wilderness,

Fragile wetlands gently cherished.

She is an ecology of wonder –

Connected by beautiful systems.


Mountain lakes sheltered by snowy peaks

Shroud her beliefs.

Only the trusted can discover,

Navigating with intimacy and patience.


Private thoughts of distant heights

Few travelers are allowed to see,

Fewer fully take in,

Vast expanding ranges of lights.


Feeding into streams, her musings gather strength

Forming rivers of purpose and conviction –

Giving life to trees of

Compassion, creativity, solidarity, and service.


The fruit of her well watered trees

Blossom and feed countless in need,

Strong branches shelter creatures

She gives grace to those in need.


Nurture her longings,

She will produce

A fertile land of faithful fruit

To fill and feast on.


Linger in her flowering fields,

Breathe in full fragrances

With curious questions.

Gaze at her rolling hills of hips and lips.


Glory in her calling birds, emotions taking flight

Flittering here, now there.

With careful consideration and compassion

Accept the whirling, twirling, symphony.


A visit to love is worth traveling for,

Leaving selfish desires and knowing

New discoveries, dances with delight.

Risk intimacy, welcome love.


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