Usernames: How to Use New Features



Please read Tuesday’s Blog (Group Chat: How to Use New Features) to see more about these Notices.


How to use our new features,

We have a new version we have released for both iOS and Android that has some very helpful improvements.


New Feature: Usernames

We’ve made rTribe easier than ever to share anonymously. Below you’ll find out how. The days of using your email address in order to add a friend using rTribe are soon to be over.

First we are going to talk about what the Username feature is and then we will answer some questions about how to use it.

First let’s define our terms:

Name: The name you use in rTribe. It can be your real name, or some metaphorical creative one. Everyone you interact with on rTribe will see this name.

Username: The name you share with others only when you add them as your friend to rTribe.

You can find both names under your Profile Info in settings.

Now let’s answer some basic questions about your Username:


How do I use my Username: In the past, if you wanted to add a friend in rTribe you had to share your email. No longer.

Now you simply tap the “+” button on the homescreen and if your friend already has rTribe then you add their username to add them as your friend.


If your friend doesn’t have rTribe, to invite them to download it and add you as a friend, simply tap the “…” button on the homescreen which takes you to the Friend screen. Tap the “Invite friends” button and share the app via text, email, or social media. An automated message will be created which will include your Username.


Where will my Username be displayed? Your Username will be directly underneath your Name on the homescreen.


Who will see my Username? Anyone you invite to use the app, or who visits your profile screen.


Is my Username unique? Yes. No one else will have your unique Username.


How do I change my Username? Simply tap on the settings icon, the gear icon in the top right of your homescreen, then tap on the “Profile info” button under the Account section, then tap on the “Username” field to edit and change your Username.


NOTE: While you’re in the Profile info screen, change any other information, such as your sobriety date, your avatar and it’s color, and your personal info such as your age and gender. Also, If you add your phone number your friends can call you from within the chat feature by tapping the phone icon.


Josh and Alex