Twilight and the Night

Twilight and the Night

A Series of thoughts on the idea of freedom from an addict’s perspective.


Real dreams are authentic expressions of one’s highest self. That means when you have the dream, it will require more than you are yet able to give. You will have to work for it. You will need to increase your capacity.

Dreams are living out one’s personal legend. They require great sacrifice. If they don’t feel impossible, if there is no darkness, uncertainty, or doubt, then you haven’t found your dream. It’s not big enough.

Dreams demand a long time of labor in the darkness. Without recognition, without the skill that matches the vision. Without the results that are required for the success of the dream.

Wishing for the darkness to disappear will not remove its veil. Sit where you are in the darkness. What gifts are here? Can you move to acceptance?

The dance of the night is wild and free. Thrashing. Darkness protects you from your inhibitions. Darkness brings exploration. The discovery that occurs at night brings transcendence that could never be seen during the day. Without the dark we would not be blinded by the glorious light of day.

Waking at night lets you dream freely. Waking to the shadows inside you opens you to continue spinning so light will dawn. Not opening to the darkness–denying the demons, hiding from your shadows, demonizing others while acting the saint only freezes you from experiencing freedom.


When the night settles

It is long, cold, and lonely.


But only in the time without light

Can you learn to surrender.


The distant stars attest of wonders to come.

Twilight will arrive.

Change is coming.


But tonight darkness still surrounds you.

Hope has not yet risen in it’s fullness.

The stars are visible but fading.


Resurrection begins with death.

All is dark.

But dawn is coming.

Hope will rise.


Hold onto hope when the night is thick.

Dawn is coming.

Dream in the dark. Dream.


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