30 Day Program: Launch Your Recovery with The Tribes

The Tribes is a 30 day program designed to launch your recovery or help you take your recovery up a notch.

The vision of The Tribes is captured by the Allegory of the Spoons.
Allegory of the Spoons:
One day a man said to God, “God, I would like to know what Heaven and Hell are like.”
God showed the man two doors. Inside the first one, in the middle of the room, was a large round table with a large pot of stew. It smelled delicious and made the man’s mouth water, but the people sitting around the table were thin and sickly. They appeared to be famished. They were holding spoons with very long handles and each found it possible to reach into the pot of stew and take a spoonful, but because the handle was longer than their arms, they could not get the spoons back into their mouths.
The man shuddered at the sight of their misery and suffering. God said, “You have seen Hell.”
Behind the second door, the room appeared exactly the same. There was the large round table with the large pot of wonderful stew that made the man’s mouth water. The people had the same long-handled spoons, but they were well nourished and plump, laughing and talking.
The man said, “I don’t understand.”
God smiled. It is simple, he said, Love only requires one skill. These people learned early on to share and feed one another. While the greedy only think of themselves… [Author unknown]
Someone made a 1 min video to capture this allegory:


The Takeaway

The message is simple: if we help others we will find help.  That’s the key to The Tribes.
You will learn that transformation happens through meaningful, honest connection with others.  At worst you will learn how to support and care for others through some crappy moments.  At best, you will overcome your struggle for the first time.
STEP 1: Join Find Friends
STEP 2: ADD #thetribes #(your issue, ex: #alcohol #pornaddiction) #catalyst (put this if you want to start a group.  Read more on this below).
STEP 3: Fill out your full profile including location so you will be in the same timezone for group chats.  Also, answer the questions for filling out the profile/bio section.
Read on to learn more

How It Works

What: 4-7 Tribers–(1 to 2 Catalysts and 3-6 Tribers)  
Min. Time Commitment:
  • Days 1-14: 10-25min/day (if you include content below)
  • Days 15-30: 5-10min/day
Duration: 30 Days
Roles: Catalyst, Member, Initiator
The Catalyst will hold the group accountable to the process, provide some basic content on what it means to be a Triber and activate the initiator each week.  The initiator will rotate each week and be responsible for initiating the daily check-in.  The member will participate as directed.  
The Catalyst isn’t the person who has it all together.  The Catalyst is the person who is showing up, serving the community because they know it will make them better and their tribe.
The Catalyst’s role is simple:
  • recruit 3-6 members 
  • create two group chats: one for the daily renewal questions and one for sharing/discussing content.  Name the daily renewal “Tribes1 Renewals.”  Name the content group chat “Tribes 1 Content.”  After 30 days if a member wants to be a catalyst they can name their group chats “Tribes2” to signify that it’s the second generation.  It’s a way of showing how we are all connected (remember the spoons!) from one generation to the next.
  • send a welcome message and have everyone share their story, their goals
  • make sure to get a thumbs up that everyone read this page so they understand the process
  • activate the initiator, appointing them to send the daily renewal questions (below)
  • encourage members to respond to each message with at minimum a “thumbs up” to acknowledge the share
  • hold the group accountable to the process
  • encourage members after 30 days to become Catalysts and to pass on all the learnings and support they got to the next generation.

The Details

Daily Checkin: Group Chat
Every morning before 10am the initiator will send out these questions:
Are you committed to not acting out today?  Why?
Are you grateful for anything in particular today?
Are you aware of any triggers/threats to your recovery?
(You can alternate or choose your own questions in order to keep it fresh)
Evening Checkin: Feed (do right before sleep)
The daily question
Urge to act out
Did you act out?
The goal is to “fail forward.”  Learn from the experience and see what you can do differently.  This is SO important to get.  It can be tempting to make your sobriety date an idol.  Don’t let the date define your worth.  Because you have worth you can fail and that’s ok.  Your Tribe is here for you.
Learn more here: https://rtribe.org//thetribes