The Remedy for Loneliness

In 1985 a survey showed that most Americans had 3 friends they could talk to about things that were important to them. In 2004 the same survey showed that number of friends dropped to zero!

That means most Americans don’t have anyone they can trust to talk about important matters, let alone have courageous conversations that require even more trust and vulnerability.

Our very own Alex Lerza, CEO and Co-Founder of rTribe, shares in this video about the core mission of rTribe and how it can help you find healing and connection anytime and anywhere.

In this digital age, though we have access to more information than ever before in human history, we have never been so isolated.

rTribe is a tool to connect us to each other and to ourselves, to help us heal, and to help us grow.

The remedy for loneliness is not 1,000 friends or followers on social media. We all know this. The remedy for loneliness is knowing and being known by others. This only happens when we connect regularly and vulnerably with friends.

Tribers share with us that rTribe is even more powerful when they use it to connect with people they already know to deepen their friendships.

Who could you invite to rTribe today? Who would you like to do life with and share in the journey?