The Pain of the Should

The pain of the should

A Series of thoughts on the idea of freedom from an addict’s perspective.


Oh the harshness, the hatred, the self-loathing we put ourselves through!

Oh the pain of “the Shoulds” that reign supreme yet live stealthily in our lives.

“Shoulds” lord it over us. We let them pass into our hearts unguarded, without question or objection.


What should you do?


Take a moment to consider what you have been telling yourself. Is that true?


Whose voice are you listening to?

Is that who you want to listen to?

What would it be to choose freedom?


At the end of the day, you can choose who you listen to.

You can honor the highest truth within you.

This will lead to service, to love, to sacrifice, to faith, to beauty, to discipline, to creating something good.


Your value is not based on what others think of you.

What’s more, it isn’t based on what you think others think about you.


You are inherently valuable as you are..

Let go of your endless striving.

Let go of your pursuit of pleasing others.


Notice “the Shoulds” as they arise. Then kindly let them go.

Pursuing “Shoulds” will only return you to conformity and resentment.


Choose freedom. Choose desire. Choose love.

The truth deep within you is good. It is breathtakingly beautiful.


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