The Battle Begins

The Battle Begins

A Series of thoughts on the idea of freedom from an addict’s perspective.

Before the battle, begins the fight. Long before you take the field, the real test starts. In order to know which flag to pick up, in order to know who your enemy is, you must begin by knowing yourself.

When you are unknown. When you have little to offer others. When laziness covers you like a warm blanket in the early morning and sleep whispers seductively. It blinds you from seeing the opportunity that manifests with consistent discipline. Sharpen your skills, build your tools by filling in the darkness of the unknown.

Before you know your enemies you must discover yourself.

This kind of self discovery only comes with an internal battle for your life. Awakening dawns on the path through a difficult, never absent struggle. Do not pray for the temptation to end. Pray for strength to fight. Pray for wisdom to plan.

Avoiding pain, shunning the most difficult tasks that call to you, running from your weakness ensures your pain develops into suffering.

Turn around. Face your Fear who stalks you in the quiet hours. Stand firm. Learn to become grounded and present. Only then can you dance with your pain, endure the unknowns that besiege you, and lay hold of accepting love from another.

Only in the receiving of this love can you give love to another. Without love you will never become a warrior. Without love you will be a renegade. A mere mercenary fighting fear blindly. You will light a fire but instead of illuminating the path forward, you will only burn yourself.

Rage may be necessary. But only rage that is harnessed by love to fight the darkness will take you to a destination worthy to tell the generations to come.


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