Start Here: A Guide to the App

Find out how to get the most out of rTribe through our Start Here Guide. “Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” ~Brené Brown Add Friends We are all about the Tribe.  Experience and science has shown that people heal best when they are in a community. That’s why the first thing we … Read More

rTribe: Day 13

Hey Tribers, Josh and Alex here to share our first ever update on our progress at rTribe! Well, at least this is our first update since having the app in the App Store. It will include some exciting highlights, how we got started, our big vision, and some of our mistakes. (We’ll even ask you for your help at the … Read More

Opposite of Addiction Is NOT Sobriety [VIDEO]

Opposite of Addiction Is NOT Sobriety This is one of the most important videos on addiction in the last couple of years.  In it Johann Hari shares the new evidence on addiction.  His research on addiction has radical implications for how we as individuals and as a society should relate to addicts.   Here’s the take away: 1)   Have greater … Read More

A Simple Formula for Recovery Success

The other day I saw a guy working on a narrow walkway only one floor up from the ground, but he had a rope connecting him to the building.   At first I thought “that’s a bit overkill, it’s not that dangerous” but then I watched him more and realized he was pretty smart.   By knowing he was connected … Read More

3 Ingredients Every Recovery Friendship Needs [Quiz]

Friend 1: “I messed up the other day, ummm actually yeah it was today…” Friend  2: “Yeah me too…I’m not feeling great about it” Friend  3: “Yeah, so…it was a bad week for me too.  See you next week?” If you have ever been in this sort of group, for a porn or sex addiction, you know that it can … Read More

Senior Executive: From Shame to Freedom

Where It All Started As I look back on my life and experiences, it has been a process of understanding of how things have come to pass. It has taken the experience of coming to grips with my sexual addiction to finally reconcile with behavioral connections from my adolescence. I grew up in a traditional family with a domineering and … Read More

5 Ways to Help An Addict

  So, an addict has asked for your help. Now what? First, recognize the brave step that person took and acknowledge it to them.   Most people who struggle with a porn problem or a sex addiction don’t want to talk about it.   Second, consider this a test.     The person who wants you to be a guide … Read More