The Key to Compassionate Confrontations

Welcome to our series 3 Ingredients Every Recovery Friendship Needs.  If you haven’t already take our quiz “How Healthy is Your Recovery Community?”  We’ve talked about the importance of equal need and availability between recovery friends.  Now, we’ll help you learn how to compassionately confront your friends when they are faltering in their recovery journey.   Ingredient #2: Carefrontations (definition: … Read More

Alone or Isolated? Find Friends Who Understand the Journey

  You downloaded the app, you’ve been checking in and tracking your recovery.  And now you are ready to take your journey to another level by adding friends.  That is awesome!   There are lots of different ways you can find friends. R|TRIBE ADVICE Try an online or in person 12 step meeting and ask if someone is looking for … Read More

Triggered Help Guide

If you are here it’s because acting out seems like a good way to solve your problems right now.        Trust us.  There’s a better way!   If you follow these 4 quick and simple steps, we know it will have you refocused and feeling better.     Step 1.  BREATHE     Take 5 Deep Breaths.  Don’t … Read More

Get There Faster: How Guides Accelerate Recovery

  Guides Are Essential Isn’t it true that we often try harder and succeed more often when someone with experience is leading us?   Teachers, coaches, and mentors can all get us to our destinations more quickly than by ourselves. Guides are essential in life.  Especially, in recovery.      Yet, many people in recovery underutilize them.  Why is that? For … Read More