A Simple Formula for Recovery Success

The other day I saw a guy working on a narrow walkway only one floor up from the ground, but he had a rope connecting him to the building.   At first I thought “that’s a bit overkill, it’s not that dangerous” but then I watched him more and realized he was pretty smart.   By knowing he was connected … Read More

5 Ways to Help An Addict

  So, an addict has asked for your help. Now what? First, recognize the brave step that person took and acknowledge it to them.   Most people who struggle with a porn problem or a sex addiction don’t want to talk about it.   Second, consider this a test.     The person who wants you to be a guide … Read More

Triggered Help Guide

If you are here it’s because acting out seems like a good way to solve your problems right now.        Trust us.  There’s a better way!   If you follow these 4 quick and simple steps, we know it will have you refocused and feeling better.     Step 1.  BREATHE     Take 5 Deep Breaths.  Don’t … Read More