Start Here: A Guide to the App

Find out how to get the most out of rTribe through our Start Here Guide.

“Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” ~Brené Brown

Add Friends

We are all about the Tribe.  Experience and science has shown that people heal best when they are in a community. That’s why the first thing we want you to do is add at least one friend.

If you don’t have any friends yet don’t worry. There are lots of people who are feeling isolated and want a friend for their journey.   

How to Invite Friends: To invite a friend just hit the “+” button on the home screen, then tap ‘Invite friends’. Share via SMS, Email, or via Social Media. A pre-populated message will appear that includes your USERNAME.  Once your friend has your username they can ADD you as a friend.    

How to add Friends you already know: To add a friend just hit the “+” button on the home screen, then tap ‘Invite friends’. Share via SMS, Email, or via Social Media.  

How to add new friends you don’t know: If you’re looking for friends who are serious about growing, and you’re looking to give and get support from, you’ve come to the right place.

  1. Tap the Friends Icon in the top left of the home screen.
  2. Then tap the Add Friends Icon in the top right of the ‘Manage Tribe’ screen.
  3. Then tap the ‘Find friends’ button in the middle of the screen. Tap ‘Ok, complete profile’ to find and be found by others who are seeking support.
  4. Complete your profile sharing about yourself so others can find you.
  5. There will be a list of suggested friends, or us the ‘Advanced search’ to narrow your search and find people by: struggle, affiliate programs, tags, marital status, religion, time in healing, and age.

How to accept friend invites: Either tap the push notification friend invitation you get on your phone or tap the 3 dots on the friend bar.  This will take you to your “Friends Screen.”  Hit the green checkmark to accept.  Hit the red “x” to decline.

Check In

The Check In feature makes it easy to stay in touch with how you are doing. It feels good when someone cares enough to ask how you are doing, right?  We care enough and we’ll ask you everyday via a reminder to your phone.  It might take courage to be honest, but being honest with yourself about how you are doing is critical to your growth. It’s also a very caring thing you can do for yourself. Finally, the more vulnerable and honest you are the more it will help your friends know how to support you.

Besides having friends, checking in is the second most important thing you can do in rTribe.

Deep change is built on developing healthy habits. Checking in daily with yourself and your community is a keystone habit that will bring you closer to your goals each day.  

How Checking In Works: When you tap the Check In button you will be asked if you have experienced a victory or setback since the last time you checked in.

If you check in with a “Victory”, a day will be added to your current Victory streak.  Everyday that you check in with a Victory, your Check In streak will also increase.
If you select “Setback” your Victory counter will go back to 0 days.  

How the Levels Work: A blue circle around your avatar means you have checked in. If you don’t check in for 24 hours the circle around your avatar will turn red and your Check In streak will also reset to 0.  

If you want to see when your next level-up is you can tap either the Victory Level or Check In level and it will give you more detail.

Inspiration: You’ll notice after you Check In that a motivational message will appear. These encouraging messages are set by default as inspirational quotes, or you can customize your messages.
To customize your Motivational messages:
from the homescreen > Settings (gear icon in upper-right) > Notifications > Motivational message > Turn on ‘Christian Messages’ or ‘Affiliate Messages’ (then select the specific affiliates you want) to receive customized messages.

I’m Triggered

Do you know why wolves howl?  Answer: Love. Wolves howl when they need support and are disconnected from their pack.

An person in distress or feeling isolated is no different. With the I’m triggered feature you can get support when you need it most.

Even if you don’t have friends you can tap “Read Help Guide” after tapping “I’m Triggered.”  You will then be guided on how to get back to a better state of mind.

We recommend that you should hit “I’m Triggered” anytime you feel bored, lonely, angry, overly hungry, stressed, tired, have a craving to set back, or feel depressed.

A lot of us have this distorted thinking that tells them: “You don’t want to bother people too much.” Or even “You’re not worth it.” That’s just shame or lies talking.
Powerful transformation can happen when we think clearly and reach out honestly and vulnerably to safe and supportive friends when we need it.  

How I’m Triggered Works:
Simply tap the + button on the homescreen, then ‘I’m Triggered’.
When you do have friends and hit ‘I’m Triggered’ two things will happen: 1) you can choose between a custom message or a pre-populated message that will go to all of your friends and 2) a yellow badge and exclamation point (!) will appear on your avatar to indicate your triggered status.

Your triggered status will disappear by itself after 2 hours.


“I don’t want extra wisdom and support” said nobody ever.

For less than $2 a week you can take your healing to a another level.

Guides are an awesome way to up your healing game.  A guide can be a friend, family member, pastor, sponsor, mentor, etc.  Basically, anyone who cares about you and who you think can help and doesn’t use rTribe regularly.

We at rTribe have learned in our own healing and recovery that one of the most beneficial things we could do was be honest about our struggles with trusted guides. As you choose to be courageous in this way and are accepted we hope you will find renewed strength and confidence in your progress.

When you sign-up a guide they will get a weekly email with your current Victory streak, your Check In streak for that week, if you have been triggered and what you scored on the addiction assessment (if you took it).  This info will help your guide know how to best help you.  
If you struggle with an addiction, your guide might be helped by this blog: 5 Ways to Help an Addict.

How To Add Guides: Tap the Friend icon in the upper left of the homescreen. At the top of the ‘Manage Tribe’ screen you’ll see ‘Friends’ and ‘Guides’.  Tap ‘Guides’ and then the ‘add guide’ button. You can put the email in for your guide, which will send an invitation email. Add as many as you want!

Private Chat

To be feel fully loved we need to be fully known.  To be fully known we need to be fully honest.  We made our messaging system with the philosophy of rigorous honesty in mind.

Here’s why:

  • You don’t have to worry about your messages appearing on your screen.  You will just get a notification that says “rTribe: You Have A New Message”
  • Your message won’t show up on another device.
  • All of your messages can reside behind a locked app (go into Settings and tap “PIN code/Touch ID).
  • Delete any message you want.

How 1 to 1 Messaging Works: With 1 to 1 chat you can tap on your friend’s avatar and hit the message button.  Or, you can hit the chat icon on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen and then tap on a friend.  You can also tap the chat button on a friend’s feed item chat with them directly. Tap that and you will go to their messaging screen.

How Group Messaging Works: Once you have a few friends that you want to have in a group chat, simply go to the ‘Messages’ screen by tapping on the chat button on the main navigation tab. On the ‘Messages’ screen tap the ‘Compose’ button, and then enter your friend’s name and add them to the group chat. You can name the chat group, and set a custom color.

NOTE: A single messaging group is limited to 25 people. You can have as many sets of messaging groups as you want!

How Broadcast Messaging Works: There are two ways to send a message to all your friends.  The Triggered feature is one way. The other is by simply creating a group that includes all your friends and sending a message to everyone. Note: they will all be able to see the message and the other people in the group.

Delete messages: You can also delete messages you have sent. These will delete the messages from your phone and from your friend’s phone.

Stay Organized

If you haven’t noticed there are a lot of different things you may need to do to experience deep healing:

  • Message friends
  • Exercise
  • Meditate/Pray/have mindful moments
  • Read growth-oriented literature
  • Call your accountability partner
  • Go to support group meetings

Just to name a few.

The To-Do feature will help you keep track of all your growth-related tasks, that you may want to track privately from rTribe.  And, it can remind you when to do them.

How Adding a To-Do Works: Tap on the To-Do icon on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.  Now that you are at the end of this Start Here blog you can check the to-do item to read this blog as “completed” by tapping on the circle to the left of it.  You can either keep it there or if you swipe left and the “delete” button will appear.

To add a To-Do hit the “+” button in the upper right corner.  You can give your task a title, have it repeat daily or not, give it a due date and even set a reminder for it.  The repeat daily function is helpful if you are in a 12 Step program and have a list of “dailies.”

That’s the easy part.  Now all you have to do is follow through and complete all those tasks!  🙂

Remember…Stay Connected.