Be Smarter and More Connected: Our New Features Will Help

Be Smarter and More Connected: Our New Features Will Help

Hey Tribers,

If you have been paying attention recently, you’ll know we are just over a mere 2 months old and we’ve released a new iOS version with some exciting new features.

Not only do we have new features to share with you, but Android launched on the 22nd! A lot has been happening with the tribe lately.

Now anyone who has a smartphone can get rTribe. If you have been waiting, wait no longer. Share rTribe with any friend interested in recovery.


First make sure to download the latest version of rTribe iOS v1.1 so you can get the latest support to your recovery. These new features let you know more about your recovery and let your trusted friends know more about you.

Today we’ll talk about how you can see statistics of your and your friend’s recovery, and how you can set privacy levels.

We’ll also reveal just a hint of what else is coming in the beginning of 2016. Skip to the end for that little treat.


statsProgress Statistics. Now you can track your recovery and see your progress with detailed statistics.

How do you find this treasure?

Well we think we hid it a bit, so you might not have noticed it. You simply tap on your avatar (your animal profile that represents you in all your glory!) and the Progress screen will appear.



Knowledge is power. With the new Progress Screen you will be able to track your progress as you grow in your recovery. See the days and times you act out, the ratio of days you stayed clean vs. how many times you acted out.

You’ll also be able to see if there are any patterns of what you are feeling before you act out. This is important because identifying these triggering feelings that precede acting out and learning how to respond in healthy ways is crucial.

There are a few other features to help you track your recovery, but you can take a look for yourself.

Hopefully you will be inspired to know that you are not alone. See how many other tribers have checked in and how many are sober each day. This is a daily reminder that despite what you might sometimes feel, there are others with you on this journey.

Let us know what you think about the Progress screen!

Note: We are aware that right now it seems that for some people the sobriety ratio donut has a glitch. Currently it appears your sobriety ratio (only on the Progress Screen) is based on when you downloaded the most recent version of rTribe. We are working on fixing that. We don’t get everything right but aim to be transparent when we get it wrong. If we can’t do that, what kind of tribe would we be? Thanks for your understanding.


Of course you also want to see how your friends are doing, right?  All you need to do is tap on your friend’s avatar and it will take you to their profile screen. Now tap one more time on their main avatar and you will see their Progress screen as well.



Finally, we wanted to give you a way to set the privacy of what information you share with your rTribe community. Now you can set each friend’s privacy level of what they can see about your recovery by tapping on their avatar and then setting their friend level.

Each of your friend’s privacy level is set at ‘Friend’ by default. But you can change that easily. Go to your friend’s Profile screen and tap on the Friend Level Button. The screenshot below shows what each privacy level means.



These premium features are available for a one month free trial. After the first month free, these two features, setting your privacy level and the Progress screen, will only be available if you subscribe to them.

If you value additional levels of privacy and better tracking of your recovery progress we hope you agree this is an easy $5.99 to spend per month to aid in your recovery. If you don’t want to pay, no worries, simply use the app for free. We will always keep the primary features of rTribe free.

Tribe on,

Josh and Alex

P.S. We have more coming your way soon! Did you notice the Profile screen up above? It is the first image in this email.

It is a concept image giving you a glimpse into our future plans because it contains a username. We are working on enabling you to share the rTribe app based on a username you create and not your email or name to help you spread the word! Why share your email if you don’t have to right? This will improve your privacy and make your profile even more discreet, which will help when we add even bigger changes we are working on!

Share with us at if you have any other great ideas.