Share Your Story With the R|TRIBE Community

Even if one person’s life is positively impacted would it be worth telling your story?

Our hope is that sharing your story will help countless people for years to come.

We’ve created this anonymous survey where you can put your story to words.


Below is what you will find in the survey.

Age *
Select from the appropriate range
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Choose as many of the following categories that apply *
Prompts: (feel free to address these in the order and flow that makes sense) *
1. Think back to when you still didn’t understand your addiction and you were feeling stuck and alone. This is where a lot of people are going to be at. Your story may be the first thing that helps them to understand they aren’t alone and that there is hope. Also, consider the audience will be very diverse, religious and non-religious.
2. Share the tipping point, when things got so bad that you knew you had to do something but were afraid to talk about it. Or, if you were discovered what was discovered and what that experience was like.
3. The steps you took to address the addiction (both helpful and unhelpful)
4. How you wrestled with the idea of addiction
5. Where you think it started for you
6. Why you think you acted out.
7. What changes you’ve seen in yourself through the recovery process
8. What you want to tell the person who is struggling (basically you can pretend to be talking to yourself here back when things were a lot more difficult)


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