September 2016 Update: Enabling Better Communication

September 2016 Update: Enabling Better Communication

Hi Tribers!

First, consider this: intimacy requires exploration.

You see, so often in our addiction we have replaced intimacy with intensity. Instead of doing the hard work of pursuing intimacy, we seek out the easy; the quick intensity of our addiction. Whether it is porn, inappropriate sexual behavior, or some other problematic distracting behavior, our brains get wired towards that intensity.

But intimacy requires you explore, pursue, and persist. Whether that is growing in knowing yourself, or pursuing your spouse, intimacy requires courageous exploration. The easy, yet destructive road is seeking intensity.

Much more rewarding, however, is exploring intimacy. Growing in intimacy starts with yourself. If you aren’t very self-aware, if you don’t know yourself, how can you form a deep connection with others? That’s part of why we created the check-in journal feature. So you could journal and explore your thoughts and feelings, in community, so you can grow both in self awareness and in connection to your tribe.

Becoming a student of your spouse, learning to have empathy towards others, understanding your triggers and what leads to sobriety and freedom. These are intimacy goals worth exploring.


Recent Highlights

  • 38,200 rTribe downloads. Almost 10K more downloads than last month at this time!
  • New Improvements in iOS & Android launched!
  • 12 Step Webinar Feedback Groups are rolling

We want you to explore how you can better use rTribe towards your intimacy goals. It can help provide tools and support on your journey. So we have created simple new improvements to help your exploration.


New Improvements – Small But Important


  1. Motivational Messages: Tribe-sourced!  You spoke and we listened! Last month we asked you to share your favorite quotes that motivate you. We’ve selected 30 of the best and added them to the daily motivational messages you receive. Make sure your phone has ‘push notifications’ turned on so you can receive them.
  2. In-App Protips.  We’ve created ‘Pro Tips’ a new way to communicate with you and send In-App messages and emails to you. We’ll use this to share tips and resources, explain new features, and make your experience within rTribe better. This is in part, as a response to your requests, to understand how to use rTribe better. For example, ever wonder what the blue vs. red circles around the avatars mean?
  3. Improved Privacy.  We’ve updated the friend level feature, so if you set someone to ‘Acquaintance’, they won’t be able to see your check-in feed, or call you using the phone icon button on your profile.
  4. Auto-correct for Android.  It’s the small things that can make a big difference. We’ve finally added auto-correct for chat in Android.
  5. Chat Upgrades.  We know some of you have been experiencing issues with the chat messages not loading. We have made some major updates and hopefully this issue is fixed.
  6. Known Issues and Bugs.
    • We fixed an issue that caused Christian Motivational Messages to be sent even when they were turned off.
    • We’ve made a number of tweaks and changes, that while small, add up to keeping rTribe a well functioning app. But that is a lot like the work of recovery. Day to day it can feel like not much is changing or perhaps all you see are the difficulties. But if we persist, it adds up to major changes!
    • As always, if you discover any bugs, just send us a Feedback report from your Settings page and we’ll help you get sorted out.

The more we get to know you and your needs, the better we can make rTribe. The more you get to know yourself and your tribe, the stronger your tribe grows.


Keep exploring,

Josh, and the rTribe team