Secrets Spoken

Secrets Spoken

A Series of thoughts on the idea of freedom from an addict’s perspective.

Unsaid secrets weigh you with worry,

Imprison you with shit storms of shame,

Smear you with the dung of contempt.


Feed the lie of your hidden self

Repugnant growth,

Sprouting seeds of sorrow so dark.


Isolation gives undead life

To the skeleton writhing in your closet of terror

Dividing you into two separate selves.


What if you whispered your secret in safety,

Let a kind soul into your lonely world,

Spoke truth amidst the darkness?


Awaken to your furtive murmurs of inner light

Contending for you to divulge.

Fuel the fire that longs for love.


There is beauty in being seen,

Courage in a communal look inward.

Freedom is conceived the night you become known.


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