rTribe’s Guide Feature

rTribe’s Guide Feature is a great way to keep your mentors, therapist, and other types of guides connected to your growth path. If you have a guide, here are the quick steps to get them a weekly report on your progress. This is a premium feature, at $5.99 a month, which enables your guide to stay connected to your progress.

If you still need convincing on why having a guide is important, read on below. If you’re convinced and ready to go, you can skip to the bottom to learn how to ‘sign up Guides on rTribe’.

Why Guides Are Essential

Isn’t it true that we often try harder and succeed more often when someone with experience is leading us?  

Teachers, coaches, and mentors can all get us to our destinations more quickly than by ourselves.

Guides are essential in life. Especially, when you feel stuck or taking on a new challenge.     

Yet, many people underutilize them. Why is that?

For one, it can be difficult to ask for help with personal issues.   

Also, if you have been significantly hurt or let down by someone in the past it can make asking for help even more challenging.  

Betrayal or abandonment can often be part of the root cause of an issue in the first place.  So, the idea of asking for help from an authority figure can bring up fears of additional abandonment and betrayal.   

If you can relate to those fears remember this old adage:

In relationship we are hurt; in relationship we are healed.      

Having a guide is a way to repair the wounds of the past.  It’s a way to realize that you can reach out for help and be heard.      

If you can learn to reach out for help rather than act out you will grow faster.   

Now that you know why guides are essential here’s what you should look for in a guide.  

What To Look For In A Guide

There are 3 important ingredients to look for in a guide:

  1. Experience and success in the domain you are looking to grow in
  2. A specific plan or path they use to help followers grow
  3. Availability – they’ll actually respond and support you on your journey

If it’s an addiction issue, then you want to talk to someone who has at least one year of sobriety from acting out.  

In the 12 step tradition, these people are called “sponsors” and they have made it part of their calling in life to be recovery guides.  

Your spiritual leader is also someone who can act as a guide.  

Lastly, a therapist or counselor can be a guide and you can check one out on rTribe if you’re ready to accelerate your growth.  

How to Sign up Guides on rTribe    

If you already have a guide or mentor you can send them weekly reports via the rTribe app.  Here’s what your guide will receive when you sign them up:

All you need to sign up a guide is their email.  Guide reports are a premium feature so make sure you are a premium subscriber to enable the weekly reports.  Once you are subscribed you can send as many as you want.

Here’s how to sign up a guide on iOS and Android in 3 steps, with screenshots to help you below:

1. Tap on the friends button on the homescreen.

2. Tap on ‘Guides’.


3. Tap on ‘Add guide button’ and enter your guide’s email.

Now you’re all set to be more deeply supported by your tribe!

Stay connected and tribe on!