October 2016 Update: New Find Friends Feature Announcement

October 2016 Update: New Find Friends Feature Announcement

Hi Tribers!

In this month’s update read about new directions rTribe is taking and new features we are releasing!

Recent Highlights

  • Big improvements coming in the next few weeks. We’ve been hard at work making rTribe better. Soon you’ll be able to find others within rTribe. Read on to find out more.
  • iOS 1 year anniversary! We’ve been in the app store for a year as of 10/13/16.
  • 53,500 rTribe downloads and counting. We love to see more people joining the tribe.
  • We’re continuing our improvement of rTribe. Have any big ideas you want to share? Send them to us at feedback@rtribe.org.

Supporting All Addictions

We have been having a lot of conversations as a team. You see, when it comes to addiction, pornography and sex/love addictions are just a few of many. Many of you know this all too well. In fact, research shows most addicts have more than one addiction.

We already have thousands of people with multiple addictions using rTribe. And we have spouses already using rTribe. So it makes sense to make rTribe work better for everyone.

There are millions more who can use the support rTribe offers.

So while we are passionate about continuing to serve the community of people struggling with porn or sex issues we will open rTribe up to all the addictions to help people with different struggles.

This transition won’t happen overnight. But it’s coming. This might evoke anxiety in some of you.  We’re thinking some portion of the porn addict/SA crowd is wondering if these changes will negatively impact them.

We think it is important you know we are committed to keeping rTribe a safe place for you to have community to track and share your progress. That won’t change.

So, let’s be more specific in what changes we plan on implementing:

Blogs. We’ll have blog posts for various addictions and issues. We will of course still have posts for porn and sex addiction. We’ll just be expanding what we write about.

Finding Friends. We’ll be improving the ability to specify what it is you struggle with, and this will in turn help you search for others with the same struggle as well.

Check-In & Tracking. In the future we have plans to improve the check-in process as well as what you can track in rTribe. We have lots of ideas on how to make the check ins better so we will keep you up to date as we make the changes. If you want to share thoughts on how to improve the check-ins or what you want to be able to track within rTribe please email us at feedback@rtribe.org.

Question of the Day: New Improvement to the Check-In

Asking great questions are some of the most powerful ways to connect with others. That’s why we’re updating rTribe with a new question each day during your check-in. This will be a way to deepen your daily reflections while you check in and let your friends know more about you.

Over 100 new questions have been written and we’re finalizing the code. This improvement will be launched with our newest and most exciting announcement.

Find Friends: New Feature Launching Soon


We’re finally doing it. We are opening up the black box. We launched rTribe just a year ago. And for that first year that rTribe has existed, if you want to find friends in rTribe it hasn’t been a great experience.

You’ve had to wait. And wait. And wait. You had to fill out a survey and let us do the work for you.

Once a week we’ve been providing a personalized connection service to introduce you to a group of other tribers. While it’s better than nothing, it’s no way to live. We wanted to start off conservatively but we’ve listened to those of you who have asked for this and we’re ready to empower you to connect with other people who are committed to healing.

We are building a new feature we’re simply calling Find Friends. It will help you search for and find others who can journey with you towards healing.

Some highlights about the new Find Friends feature:

It is opt-in only. You will only be able to find others and be found by others if you ‘opt in’. In other words, if you do nothing, nothing will change in your current experience of rTribe. We didn’t want to disturb those of you who want privacy and don’t want to find others or be found by others. Also, you can opt-out at any time if you’d like. This can all be done in the Settings screen.


Build your Profile. You will be able to add a more detailed profile about yourself. Take a look at these concept images of the profile categories:

First, the required profile info:


Then some optional information about yourself:


Here’s an example of what the completed profile will look like:



Work in Progress. Note that this is still something we are improving and it’s not completed yet. But we are close. We’ll also be adding in the ability to choose your addiction or struggle from a list of options.

Location, location, location. So here’s how the location will work. First of all, it’s optional. If you don’t want to set your location, no worries. Second, it’s a general location, not a specific one. No specific or exact location will be shown.

The power of tags. You will be able to create your own tags. These are hashtags for your profile that others can use to search for and find you in rTribe. This will empower a customized search of other tribers.

For example, if you are a part of a specific support group that meets on a specific night, you could agree on a shared hashtag to add so they can find each other. For example: #AAMainStreetSydney or #PureDesireTuesdayNights

Become a Tester

We appreciate each of you in your journey towards recovery. If you use an iPhone and want to say thank you to rTribe by helping us test out the app before we launch new features we want to hear from you.

Right now we’re only able to have people who use iPhones help us out with this user testing.

It will involve us doing a recording while you test out a prototype of our newest feature we are building. This is private and will only be used for improving rTribe for everyone else.

If you are interested, please email me at josh@rtribe.org and say: “I want to help by volunteering for user testing!” And please feel free to share what you love about rTribe and what improvements you’d like to see.

Keep growing and keep striving,

Josh, Alex, and the rTribe Team

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the new Find Friends feature launching in a week or two!