November Update: Find Friends Feature is Here! Grow Your Tribe!

November Update: Find Friends Feature is Here! Grow Your Tribe!

Hi Tribers,

November was truly an exciting month for us at rTribe. This is our monthly update focused entirely on our new feature, Find Friends.

We’ve also got some cool stats to share with you. Read on!



Recent Highlights

  • Find Friends is live on both iOS and Android!
  • 285% increase in friends being created each day!
  • 50% increase in the number of messages being sent by Tribers each day.

Upcoming Features

We are working on a number of improvements based on the Tribe’s feedback:

  • Check-in Calendar.  Improving the Check-in with a calendar to reset your sobriety and visually show you days you’re sober vs. not sober.
  • New Video Course.  A recovery essentials video course.
  • Military Profile.  Adding the ability to say if you are active or former military.
  • Likes.  Giving you the ability to ‘like’ your fellow Tribes’ posts in the feed.

This, of course, is subject to change as we continue to make tweaks, improvements, and keep striving to listen to the tribe; building out what is most important to you.

We are listening: Find Friends is finally here!

The Tribe has spoken and we have answered!

As many of you already know, our newest feature, Find Friends, is live! After 2 weeks of “bear wrestling” some technical difficulties, the newest Version, v1.7 launched last week.

We cannot be successful in recovery without a tribe. Find Friends enables you to find your tribe and lets them find you.


What Find Friends gives you

  • The ability to search for and find other like-minded Tribes.
  • Create your own profile so others can learn more about you and initiate connection requests.
  • Suggested friend additions for your tribe.
  • The ability to turn off Find Friends in Settings.

Opt-In Only

You must choose to use Find Friends. We want to protect your privacy. So if you don’t opt-in to use Find Friends, others who do won’t be able to search and find you (unless you have provided them with your Triber ID).

Opt-in by tapping on the Find Friends button. If you don’t have any friends it will be at the bottom of your homescreen, if you do have friends you can access this on the Manage Tribe screen by tapping the Plus friend button in the upper right. Or in Settings by turning on the Find Friends toggle.

Create your profile

The most successful way to increase friend connections is to share about yourself so others can get to know you better. Share what you want to accomplish on rTribe. Make your profile express who you are and what you’re looking for.

Supercharge your search

Use the following filters:

Affiliates, tags, marital status, religion, time in recovery, and age.

Search with tags, like hashtags. For example, you can use #saaChicago in your profile and then when others search #saaChicago they can find you.

Tags (the more you know)

These can be helpful for you to identify specific things you want others to know about you, and to help others search for and find you by using these tags in the filters section of the search.

How to make the magic happen

When you get v1.7 (as thousands of you already have) you should get a pop-up inviting you to check out the feature.

This will open an Opt-In screen. Opting in means you agree to search for and be found by other Tribers. You can create your profile and search for other Tribes.

From the homescreen you can use Find Friends in the following ways:


On the homescreen: tap on the friends button on the friends stripe, tap the floating add friends button, search button, and the filters icon (top right) and you’ll be able to search based on different filters:


On the friend stripe of the homescreen: tap the +friend icon button or the More button.

Tapping the +Friend button on the left of the homescreen takes you directly to Add friends screen. Here you’ll get suggested friends. Tap the ‘Advanced search’ button to use filters to specify your search.

Tapping the More button on the right side of the homescreen takes you to the Manage Tribe screen. From here tap the +Friend button on the upper right. From the Add friends screen you’ll get suggested friends. Tap the ‘Advanced search’ button to use filters to specify your search.

Bug Hunt

Creating anything great means making mistakes…and we’re no different. Some bugs we’re experiencing with the addition of the new version of Find Friends:

  1. Some of you Android Tribers had additional days of sobriety added. This bug should be fixed now. If you know your correct date you last acted out and would like us to update it, please email me at and we can get that fixed.
  2. The affiliates search filter in Find Friends is not working. We’re actively working on it!
  3. Changing your profile info in the settings area should update your profile on your homescreen but it doesn’t. We already have a fix for this on a test version.
  4. There are a few more minor bugs that don’t appear to be widespread. If you see any issues or bugs, as always, please report them to us at from within the app. SImply go to Settings>Feedback and shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you!

Digging into Find Friends Stats & Stories

November 30th we launched Find Friends on Android. December 1st we launched it for iOS.

Here’s a look at the number of messages sent, read, and delivered in the last 30 days.


By looking at the stats, we can see that tens of thousands of new messages are being sent. We’ve seen a 50% increase in messages being sent by Tribes. And a 54% increase in messages being read.

We think this is because of the many thousands of new friends that have been created since launching Find Friends. A 285% increase to be exact. More Tribes having more friends equals more messages, better connection, and improved support in recovery.

It truly is thrilling to know more Tribes are connecting and talking!

But, this is just the tip of the spear!

We want to hear from you how Find Friends has helped you. Please share your story with us.

  • What cool, interesting, or helpful stories can you share about using the Find Friend feature?
  • How has Find Friends helped you connect to other Tribes?
  • How has Find Friends impacted your recovery?

Write us at and get the chance to share your story with the rest of the tribe. We want you to encourage others to strengthen their tribe and their recovery.

Tribe on,

Josh, Alex, and the rTribe team

P.S. Share your big or small ideas to improve rTribe at We can’t make the Tribe great without your feedback.