May 2016 Update: Drip, Drip, Drip

Hi Tribers!

Drip, drip, drip. An ocean is filled with the slow drips from a glacier high up in the mountains. It takes a long time for the initial water droplet to reach the ocean. But in time that one drop joins others and becomes a torrent.

rTribe continues to grow!

In terms of downloads, we are growing at about 1% per day. We are at over 100 downloads a day now and are excited about this growth! If this continues, we will become massive in the next few years.

But there is still a lot of growing to do to reach that point. As a part of rTribe, you are one of the early adopters of what is a revolution in recovery. That revolution is coming. As the tribe grows, the world will be impacted.

The tribe is a global, massive, yet disjointed group. Not everyone knows they are part of this tribe yet. Help others break their denial, loneliness, shame, and fear. Spread the word.

It starts with a single drop.


  • 9,002 rTribe downloads
  • Android is 4 months old, iOS turned 6 months old
  • Bug fixes explained
  • The importance of adding friends

Bug Fixes

All growth means failure and learning along the way. Ongoing development and new versions means some new bugs have popped up for some of you. We appreciate your patience.

The main thing is that we have fixed these bugs and submitted a quick-fix update to Apple. A new version is ready. Please update to the latest version of rTribe.

Three bugs to note:

  1. Repeated prompts for app review/rating. We wanted to give people the chance to review rTribe on the App Store or Google Play Store. However, our goal was not to annoy people! We did our research and came up with a way to ask only people who are committed to checking in, if they want to give us a favorable review. If not, no big deal, right? Right. Except that a bug made this prompt appear after EVERY check-in! Whoops.
  2. Message history not appearing in the chat screen. If you’re having troubles with chat, first make sure you update to the latest version. Then log out of rTribe, and log back in. That should do the trick. To log out go to settings (gear icon in the top right) then tap log out. To log in, just enter your email and password and you should be back on track.
  3. Guides not receiving emails. If you had trouble with your Guides receiving emails, you should be good to go now. Log out, and log back in. You can resend any guide invitation emails to anyone who didn’t get them. Let us know if you continue to have issues here though,  there were some users we had to manually fix the ability to retrigger a guide request message.

The Importance of Adding Friends

We always bang on the drum to encourage you to have friends in rTribe. Why? We tell you that the opposite of addiction is connection, not sobriety.

But we know a bit more now that we’ve had rTribe live for a few months:

  • You’re 3.5 times more likely to stick to your recovery efforts by just adding ONE rTribe friend. And it goes up the more friends you have. Stay in community and you will stay the course of recovery. It’s a long and difficult road. Don’t go it alone.
  • Only 20% of people keep using rTribe if they don’t have any friends. This is actually pretty normal for most apps out there. But it’s not the kind of statistic we want. We want you to thrive in your recovery journey. Thriving doesn’t happen in isolation.
  • That people who keep using rTribe, improve their sobriety. Checking in daily, reading the motivational messages, assigning recovery to-do reminders, and chatting regularly with your rTribe friends helps. It helps you feel connected and it helps you make better choices.
  • Using rTribe helps many people with their recovery, because they tell us. Our brains are wired for community and intimacy. rTribe helps you stay connected to your recovery and your community. Lone wolves don’t live good lives. We chose the wolf as our logo because the wolf is a pack animal. When it howls it is calling out to it’s pack. Don’t go at your recovery alone. Do life and recovery in community.

Here is one Triber’s experience of courage:

Hi Alex and Josh,

I just wanted to thank you for rTribe and for helping bring out into the open an issue that is hard, embarrassing and difficult to admit to our friends.

Found out about you through a link in the You Bible reading program, investigated, downloaded and started using the program to track my behavior.

Through reading the testimonies and articles you have on the site, it gave me the strength to talk to a really good friend of mine who is also my life group leader at our church and see if he would be willing to be my accountability partner for this.

He then opened up and admitted that he has issue with pornography as well, which lead to a slightly stilted but extremely blessed conversation about our problems, how we justified our actions, how could we control them and how we would support each other through this.

I am away on a church men’s walking weekend this weekend, and am praying and asking God for guidance on discussing this with the 30 men who are in the group.

So thank you and bless you both for opening this up, being there with the support, and giving me the strength to recognize I am not alone, and that it needs to be out in the open, recognized.

Kind Regards,

An rTribe User

The bottom line is that if you try to manage your recovery alone, the odds are against you. The best option is to tell friends about your struggles that you already know. Courageously share your story with a few people you trust. If you aren’t ready to do that, or you want additional support, we can help you out.

To find out how to be added to groups of other rTribe users, go here and carefully follow the directions.


Stay connected,

Josh and Alex and the rTribe Team


P.S. We have begun work on developing an exciting new feature set. More on this later this month! Never stop growing!

P.P.S. Remember, if you don’t tell others about your problem, then you have two problems…