An open letter to the loved ones and partners of addicts

An open letter to the loved ones and partners of addicts

Dear friend, 

     You are a warrior. You parents, grandparents, children, soul mates, partners, spouses, friends, mentors, sponsors, and teachers of addicts. You, reading this, are a warrior.

     You haven’t always felt this way. You have been faced with the adversity of addiction: countless worry-filled nights, unanswered phone calls, disappearing funds, questionable stories, manipulative language, and threats to your character (“You’re the one with the problem!“). You have fought for your loved one’s relationship, family, sanity, safety, well-being, health, and happiness. You have tried it all and you have tried your best.

     You know better than anyone else that a warrior’s journey is not easy. You have carried a wounded loved one through the volatile minefield of addiction. But what happens when you finally reach the edge of the minefield and triumphantly release your healthy loved one into the world? Who picks you up and carries you to rest, to health, to safety, and to healing? We are here to tell you that a warrior’s journey is not about saving others – a warrior’s journey is about saving you. This is a formal invitation to accept the help that you have so graciously encouraged and offered to the one you love. You must choose you and your life over your loved one’s addiction.

     Though you have felt the depths of isolation while trying to help your loved one escape addiction, you are not alone in this journey. We are here to partner with you and help you navigate what lies ahead. Many partners and family members of addicts experience burnout, family conflict, and serious mental health concerns.  Our completely confidential team of coaches and therapists are here to help you. We offer counseling and coaching services online through video and chat, as well as a unique peer-to-peer network where you will find community with other loved ones of addicts.

     You have been brave when you did not know how. You have made hard decisions. It is time for you to make one more brave and hard decision: the warrior must choose to ask for help. It is your time to receive the care you need. We hope you’ll join the rTribe community today.

With love,
The rTribe Family
P.S. Concerned about a loved one who may have an addiction problem? We’re prepared to help you speak with your loved one about addiction. Contact us today.