Kill the Beast

Kill the beast

Shame is a beast. It stalks you in the night, attacking with accusations.

I will never be __________ enough.

Who am I to try _________?

I don’t have what it takes.

I hate myself.

If they really knew me…

If they knew  _________, I would be rejected.

I’m chicken****.

I’m unworthy.

Until you are known and tell someone else your secrets, you will never kill the beast of shame.

Today you have a choice to speak your shame or stay silent.

Give voice to the beast and it will begin to die. When you choose to check in with a trusted friend, you choose to put the beast of shame to death. This is a battle of life or death.

When it comes to your addiction, the strategy of suffering in silence is a path to isolation, destruction, and ultimately death. Shame kills your self-worth, mocks your dreams, depresses your hope.

Courageously connect with a friend and speak your shame.


Remember, Tribe On!