June 2016 Update: Creativity & Growth

June 2016 Update:  Creativity & Growth


Hi Tribers!

At rTribe we love the creative process.

Taking something that doesn’t exist, imagining what could be, dreaming together, and then working together to make that idea a reality is a thrilling experience.

The creative process is a lot like recovery in many ways:

  1. Initially you have an idea of what you want but don’t know how you will get there.
  2. Motivation is high at the beginning when the idea is new
  3. It takes a community of people working together to create something that will last
  4. What is created, whether that is a transformed life or a new feature in an app, is almost never what was first envisioned. It is different. And better.
  5. It takes high commitment and continued inspiration in order to persevere
  6. It is only in learning that change happens

Why am I mentioning this? Well we at rTribe have been slaving away to create an exciting new feature set for the community.

More on that below. First, a quick review on last month’s progress:

May Highlights

  • 12,600 rTribe downloads
  • We established our first Partnerships
  • Added 150 new downloads per day
  • Android is 5 months old, iOS turned 7 months old
  • Alex welcomed his daughter into the world!

A Curious New Feature Announcement

As much as rTribe is about empowering you to be connected to your recovery community, this isn’t enough. In your journey towards freedom, you need knowledge.

That means learning.

  1. Without becoming aware of certain truths, you won’t break free of your current limitations.
  2. Without learning specific skills you will never change.
  3. Without implementing new ideas you will stay stuck in old patterns.

This is true of everything from learning to paint, snowboard or how to gain freedom from an addiction.

If you have continued to struggle with maintaining your sobriety, one of the key components to change is to learn all that you need to know.

That is why we are so excited to announce our upcoming new feature!

Many of you have asked for how you can learn more about addiction and recovery. We love this curiosity and agree that learning about addiction is an essential element to the process of change.FF_Course

Soon you will be able to take courses in rTribe to increase your knowledge and better apply recovery skills.

In early June we hope to deliver a dynamic new Video Course for you. This will be the first of what we hope will be many courses.

With Courses in rTribe you will be able to:

  • Watch engaging videos from within the rTribe app
  • Understand your addiction and what happens to your brain
  • Learn critical skills step-by-step for your recovery
  • Access insightful resources
  • Share what you have learned and the steps you are taking with your rTribe friends.
  • Go through the course with your friends to stay on track

Here is a sneak peak into some concept designs we are working on:

Partnerships and Money

We plan to offer free courses and paid courses. In our first course, we will be offering affordable high-quality content that was created by a nonprofit organization we are partnering with.

While we will be charging for this course, course fees will be going back to the non-profit. While some will be used to support the non-profit in its mission to help people with addiction, some will go back into creating more courses.  Of course, the more courses we sell, the more courses we will be able to co-create. More on this to come.

Crowd-Sourced Recovery Community

If you have ideas for what you would like in our courses or if you already use a specific course or program that you really want to be put into rTribe please let us know.

We are also looking to partner with innovative organizations who have created awesome courses or content and that want to appify-it to leverage the power of rTribe to engage a broader audience.

Start the conversation with us at feedback@rtribe.org.

A word on our download rates

In the last 6 weeks we have more than doubled our downloads.

In the last 4 months we have more than quintupled in size.

It is exciting to see more and more people spread the word about rTribe. This is just the beginning of what we hope to build for our amazing recovery community!

But who cares if we are growing if we aren’t actually helping people. Thankfully, we are. Here are a few of our reviews:

So elegant, encouraging and motivating. This app is simply perfect. I am thankful and grateful for everyone who was responsible for bringing this out to the world…”

Highly recommend! Been sharing this app with everyone I know who battles addiction. No one can overcome it alone, this app brings a community around you and it’s ‘I’m Triggered’ feature is a life saver. Keeps me focused with my daily check in and our whole Pure Desire group is on here. Thanks for this app!”

Therapist recommends highly I highly recommend rtribe. In early recovery accountability seems daunting and rtribe makes it much easier. Most of us have been in the same boat. Thanks and keep the updates coming.”


Keep learning and stay connected,

Josh, Alex, and the rTribe Team


P.S. To find out how to be added to groups of other rTribe users, go here and carefully follow the directions.

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