July Update: Calling all Recovery Leaders

July Update: Calling all Recovery Leaders


Hi tribers!

Here is your quick July update on all things rTribe.

Things have been quite busy here at rTribe central. In reflecting on this, while there is a lot that our small team has been working on, the magic isn’t always in the hype.

So today we will share about the power of daily consistency and share a great opportunity for recovery leaders.


  • A new free Course was launched in rTribe by The Freedom Fight! Check it out.
  • We are blowing up: 20,100 people have chosen rTribe. We’ve again doubled our downloads in the last 6 weeks! The word about rTribe is spreading.
  • Calling all organization leaders: connect with and expand your influence with your Tribe. Within rTribe we are creating a way for organizations to connect to their Tribe by extending their reach and influence. If you are a leader of an organization we want to talk to you. Read below for details.

Forming Powerful Partnerships

rTribe doesn’t own recovery. We want to empower your recovery. There are many incredible organizations that are doing important work to help bring healing. This is why we are partnering with different affiliates.

Affiliates are organizations that help people in recovery.

Examples of Affiliates are 12 step groups, inpatient treatment centers, and faith-based organizations. They are tribes of people that walk the path of healing and recovery together, and belong together.

An affiliate member says, “People like me belong to ___________.” Affiliate members use and speak the same language and learn to view the world in similar ways.

Customized Daily Motivational Messages From Affiliates.

This is why we have been developing the ability for affiliates to send out their own custom set of daily motivational messages to Tribers in their organization. We are in the final stages of testing and this will be released soon.

Affiliate Motivational Messages Concept Image




Please email us:

  • If you are a part of an affiliate and want them to send you custom messages each day, please ask them to contact us about this at grow@rtribe.org.

  • If you are a leader of an organization, love rTribe, AND you want your people to use rTribe and receive custom messages that you write or choose, please contact us at grow@rtribe.org.

Daily Consistency

Big things happen when small things are done well.

That is why we want you to check in daily with rTribe. One day at a time, as you live each day well, choosing sobriety, you can gain long term sobriety.

With consistent sobriety you have the chance for freedom.

And one thing that we hear from you Tribers is that you enjoy the daily push notifications that we send out. They are little reminders; small moments to pause, reflect, and remember. In remembering the truth we can make choices that bring freedom.

Tell us Your Resource Recommendations

One way your choices can bring freedom is by choosing to contribute. We want to hear from you! What resources, blogs, or videos have been helpful to you in your recovery that the Tribe needs to experience? What do you want other Tribers to see or learn about? Share with us some great resources at feedback@rtribe.org and we might share them with the entire rTribe community.

New Video Course Launched

If you want great resources for how to gain freedom, watch the new video course that Freedom Fight put out in rTribe. This practical new course will teach you:

  • Effective strategies for breaking out of the binge/purge cycle
  • The brain science of addiction
  • Strategies to identify and defeat your triggers
  • A strategy to rebound from relapse

Watch the first 3 videos for free to try it out. Proceeds go to a non-profit.

Keep learning, keep growing, and stay connected.

Josh, Alex, and the rTribe Team

P.S. Are you ready to talk to a group of others about your recovery? Join a group of other rTribe users: go here and carefully follow the directions.