It Only Takes 2 Seconds to Break Trust

NOTE: For iOS users-only.  (This article is about Premium which will come out for Android by end of March).

So here’s the thing.

Unfortunately, when most companies make a mistake they seek to gloss over it, minimize it, deny it, or lie about it. This is also what most addicts do when they act out.

We understand when we make a mistake it can break trust. And we know that we are not just selling you a product but we have a relationship with each one of you.

We understand that trust is earned. Hopefully we can earn your trust by letting you know consistently when we mess up.

Some of you may be wondering if we did something serious! Did we extort someone? Did we take advantage of the innocent?

Well, no. We sure hope not.

But we did make a technical blunder.

We created a notification pop-up to appear for 3 seconds announcing the premium trial and how many days are left until it ends. The problem is that the pop-up lasts for less than a second on the screen.

Without the pop-up it could seem like we were trying to manipulate, hide, or pull a bait-and-switch. Like we want to trick you into paying for rTribe. The truth is, it’s just a technical mistake.

We’re working to change that.

Here’s what it should look like.


In the meantime, we realized we could have glossed over it. But we want to take this opportunity to point out our mistake. Because we realize it only takes 2 seconds to break trust.

2 seconds is the amount of time that the pop-up is not appearing.

2 seconds is also about the time it takes to find pornography online.

2 seconds is also the time it takes to decide whether you will be honest or not when someone asks you about your recovery.

It turns out, honesty is best. Trust doesn’t mean being perfect, but can be earned when consistently admitting it when you’re wrong. Honesty is a bedrock value of recovery and is what we want our company to be built upon.


Thanks for your understanding,

Tribe On

P.S. We’re also in need of a little help and we’re offering a chance to win a $50 iTunes/Play Store gift-card for completing a survey ( about your recovery.  It should only take a few minutes, but it would help us understand if/how technology is changing your recovery efforts.  Please be honest, we really just want to know how we’re doing.  We need the survey completed by February 7th, and will be making a drawing for the gift card sometime afterwards.  Good luck and thanks.