How are you leading?

How are you leading?

Leadership means setting an example for others. In short, leadership means influencing others. You may have a position as a leader, but unless you are influencing others you aren’t leading them.

Leaders inspire action and create opportunities for others. Leaders know that when the tide comes in it raises all boats. Instead of holding onto power, leaders promote others.

Leaders enable others to risk. Empowering others means giving them the opportunity to fail on their way to success. Good leaders know they must take the first risk and lead by example.

Leaders welcome different points of view and critical feedback. Leaders take action on constructive feedback and say no thanks to needless criticism.

Leaders are appropriately transparent. They bring others in to be a part of a bigger story, rather than hoarding control. Leaders know their limits and find others who can contribute to the cause in ways they can’t or shouldn’t.

Leaders are limited. Limited in time, in skill, and in the number of opportunities one can pursue. Leaders know they have limitations and use this to rely on others.

Leaders listen. They listen to themselves and are self-aware. They take time to reflect. They take time away and think deeply, dream, and explore new ideas. Leaders listen to those around them. They are open to what they can learn from others. Leaders don’t focus on someone’s position, they focus on the person and listen deeply.

Leaders are focused on creating and fulfilling the mission. Leaders are both present in the here and now, and optimistic about the future, mindful of the risks and dangers.

Leaders are committed to the community. They unswervingly dedicate themselves to clearly understanding pursuing, and unleashing the pursuit of purpose.

Leaders are learners. They are curious to discover new ideas, helpful solutions, interesting possibilities.

Here’s an example of how one of our Tribers, we’ll call him Steve, is a leader in his recovery community. Note: This story is used with permission:

“I invited a friend the other day who had drifted away from our accountability freedom group. He accepted the invite. I asked him how recovery was going.

He said so so & asked if our freedom group was still meeting. I invited him back out and he stayed coming again after a 2 year hiatus.

He wouldn’t be back and battling his addiction of it wasn’t for rTribe. Thank you. rTribe is changing lives, helping connect guys in the recovery community.“

You are a leader. You have influence regardless of your position.

How are you leading your recovery tribe?

Remember, Tribe On!


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