Healing Helps

Healing Helps

Addiction thrives in isolation.  Secrets, pain, despair, hopelessness, and insanity thrive when we leave the tribe.  Or worse, when we didn’t know we belonged to a tribe.

If you’ve experienced healing, you know healing happens in community.

You belong to a tribe.  Your brain is wired for connection: to be in community with others.

You will heal if you stay connected to a community focused on healing.  It will take time.  It will take courage.  It will take letting others into your world.

Perhaps for too long now you have stayed on the sidelines edges.  You haven’t come in and been unabashedly honest with your tribe.  Let them in.  Tell them your secrets.  Let them see you as you really are.

Not only will your vulnerability help you but it will help others.  Helping others is a profound way I can help myself.  When I talk with others who are hurting I am helped.  If I don’t try to fix them, but simply listen, accept, support, and encourage them, I am healed in the process as well.

Helping to heal others, helps myself.  Letting others help me, helps heal me.

Ask for help.

Offer help.

Both require commitment, courage, and a giving of yourself. Both heal the tribe.


7 ways to rTribe it:

The number one way to benefit from rTribe is to add friends.  Without friends to help you heal you’ll struggle to make it.  The journey is too difficult.  If you don’t have friends yet and want some, go here and we will connect you to a tribe.

  • Be vulnerable in your check-in.  Don’t give just one-word check-ins.  Take the time and energy to reflect and share how you are really thinking and feeling.  This will help you grow, just by journaling.  And it will help others know how to better help you.
  • Check-in every day.  Did you know if you don’t check-in every day the circle around your Avatar goes from blue to red?  Check in daily to keep the circle blue and keep your check-in streak alive.  More importantly, check-in daily to stay connected to your tribe.
  • Read your tribe’s check-ins every day.  When you have a spare moment, when you wake up, and before bed, read what is going on.  Stay connected.
  • Ask good questions.  Ask questions based on what your tribers are sharing.  Ask them what is working in their healing.  Ask what is challenging.  Ask what their triggers are.  Ask how they can have good boundaries.  Ask what they need.
  • If someone hasn’t checked-in, and their circle is red, reach out.  See a red circle, and think “This is an opportunity to encourage my friend.”
  • If someone hasn’t journaled for a few days when they check-in, reach out.  Send them a message and ask them to share how they are doing.  Let them know you are thinking about them.


Stay connected,