Group Chat: How to Use New Features

Hey Tribers, group chat is has arrived!

We have released a new version (v1.2) for both iOS and Android and with some very helpful improvements.

Today you’ll learn about the new group chat features, and we have an important announcement about what will happen to all of your old messages. Read below for more.

New Feature: Group Chat

We’ve made rTribe easier than ever to communicate with your friends in recovery.

Now you have the ability to use a fully functional group chat

Here’s a look at what you can do with group chat:

  • Create as many groups as you want to chat with.
    • For example, you can have all 10 of your recovery friends chat in one large group, and then have a separate group chat of your 3 closest friends, and a separate group chat for another 6 friends that know each other from one specific recovery group.
  • Name your chat groups
  • Anyone can add or delete others to/from the group
  • Delete messages you have sent
  • Copy messages
  • Be a member in a group chat with people who have not yet become your rTribe ‘friends’.
    • For example: If you are newer to recovery and a friend of yours adds you to a group of 6 other people you can now chat with them, even if you have not added them to your friends list.
    • Note only your/their Username will be viewable, your/their stats won’t be shared.
  • For your safety, push notifications of new messages only show the name of the chat group.

One creative idea to benefit from this: create a group with your closest friends that is ONLY for chatting when one of you is triggered. You can title the group something like: “Triggered”, or something more subtle, like “Help” or even “Lightning Strikes”. So every time you get a push notification from this group, you know it’s something to respond to ASAP, because a friend of yours is in need. Then all messages that don’t need immediate response can be sent in another chat group.


All of your previous messages between your friends will be deleted

Because we are switching over to group chat, we are using a whole new development platform that can handle the complexities of group chat.

This means that unfortunately all your old messages sent before the new version will be deleted.

If you have any information from those messages that you want to save, please copy and paste the details somewhere else.

We know this isn’t ideal and may be inconvenient. But in order to give you the ability to actually have group chat we had to do this with the technology we chose to run the group chat.


Anyone remaining on the old version will not receive messages sent from users using the new Group Chat version, and any messages sent from the Old Version will not make it to users that have upgraded.

Because our messaging platform is changing, and we’ve had to make the choice to not integrate the two back-ends due to cost, users will need to be on the same upgraded version (has group chat) to be able to message or communicate “Triggered” status to your Tribe.

Reflections on Growth

Our young app continues to grow!

After only 4 months of being on the App Store, and 2 months of being available on the Play Store, we’ve added a new way to connect more deeply. This is the first group chat feature for any kind of addiction that we are aware of. And we have now approaching 3,500 downloads of rTribe.

We think that’s pretty good for our small team and we are grateful for each of you.

We share these kinds of reflections because we’ve learned the importance of reflecting on the journey, and identifying milestones of progress along the way. It might be helpful to schedule time this week to reflect on your own journey.

How have you grown in the last 2 to 4 months?

What do you have to be grateful for, no matter how small that might be?

What can you do to continue to grow?

Who can you share your progress with?

Stay connected,

rTribe Team