Freedom Takes Flight

Freedom Takes Flight

A Series of thoughts on the idea of freedom from an addict’s perspective.


Freedom is leaping. Taking flight. Jumping into mystery. Leaving a place of certainty and moving towards the unknown.

Freedom is action in motion. Without action there is no freedom. Action is the application of truth. Without that application, what freedom do you have?

Think in long-term, but act today. In the short-term, acting out would feel great. It could distract you from pain, for awhile. But acting out today brings falling, not flight. Act today on what you know to be true.

Action need not mean perfection. It cannot. Fear of failure paralyzes. Embrace the process. You will have failures. It is messy. Freedom always is.

Freedom requires dirt. But that is where the nourishment is. What looks like the dirtiest, darkest part of life often holds the richest soil for freedom. Do not avoid action because you might fail. Those further ahead have out-failed you, learned, and dug deeper.

The dirt and dung of life from this year holds valuable lessons. You can either look at them and decide you are a failure, or you can see them as an opportunity to grow, learn, and survive. You can say ‘never again’ and commit to whatever it takes to not walk down that dark path.

We admire heroes because of their actions. We emulate those who take a stand. Those who speak up. Those who sacrifice. They also act honorably when nobody’s watching.

Heroes develop a pattern of courage. They are faithful in the small things, choosing difficulty today when easy is an option. When tomorrow comes and a true battle arises, the hero will be ready.


Worthy actions:

Tell a trusted friend your secret.

Go to bed early.

Listen to another with openness.

Be kind to yourself.

Step forward with connection.

Put a filter on your computer and phone.

Take whatever massive action is necessary to stay sober.

Share rTribe with a friend.

Let go of resentment.

Go on a walk.

Call a counselor.

Take a break from a distracting behavior.

Meditate or pray.

Feel the pain you’ve been avoiding.



Leaping is the hard part. You may have done all the preparation you can. You still won’t feel ready. When standing on the edge, there is always danger. Assess the danger, sure. Take stock. But too often we overestimate the consequences. One thing is sure, doing nothing will enable you to stay right where you are.

Go. Go anyways. Go now. Move forward. Experiment. Risk. Leap.


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