Freedom Needs Food

Freedom Needs Food

Without food we die.

It’s the same with growing in your recovery. One meal won’t keep you alive.  The occasional snack may let you live but it’s only healthy eating that leads to a thriving physical life.

You must eat regularly and healthily if you want to grow strong.

Obvious, but something we so easily forget when it comes to our freedom from addiction. You must eat a regular and healthy consumption of freedom-giving food if you want a strong and serene heart and mind.

Food comes in different forms.

Connecting with others, being honest and not keeping secrets, choosing good boundaries, safe friends, meditating, exercise, and the motivation to be willing to do whatever it takes.

These are just a few ways to consume healthy recovery habits.

But this is why we built rTribe: to give you a place to track, share, and connect daily with others on the same journey towards freedom.

Scrolling and clicking on your favorite social media, aimlessly link-jumping on YouTube, or 1,000 other ways we stay distracted might not harm you when done occasionally.

But it won’t lead to a thriving life if you spend too much time consuming distracting technology.

Take some time to give thoughtful reflection about what you want to feed your freedom. One tool that can help you distinguish between healthy and unhealthy choices is the 3 Circles tool by Sex Addicts Anonymous (it may be easiest to view this on a laptop or desktop).

Everyone needs nourishment.

What kind of food are you eating when it comes to your recovery?

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