Feed the Right Wolf [VIDEO]

Feed the Right Wolf

Anyone struggling with a bad habit or addiction can feel like they have two wolves fighting in them.  This video illuminates how mindfulness meditation can help you feed the right wolf; the one that is life giving as opposed to the one that is life destroying.

Mindfulness meditation has become popular but what does it actually mean?

What mindfulness meditation really boils down to is awareness training.  All the exercises related to mindfulness meditation help strengthen your awareness of thoughts, feelings, your spirit and your body.  The idea is if you can be more aware of what’s happening, you will have more freedom to choose the life giving path.

This is really important for recovery.  Being able to direct your focus will lessen your chances of acting out.  An addiction hijacks your awareness and directs your focus onto acting out.  Mindfulness will help you be more in control of your focus.  They’ve even shown that awareness training (mindfulness) can grow your brain in some really cool ways.

If you want to learn how to do incorporate mindfulness into your recovery I’d recommend checking out Headspace.


Until next time…Tribe on.