Each Moment for Discovery

Each Moment for Discovery


Each moment is an opportunity for discovery. Each moment has it’s own gift of presence. How much do we miss out on in this moment? If you are always seeking for something in the future you will not be available for what is for you here, now.

What do I know today that I didn’t know yesterday?

What have I experienced today for the first time?






There is a magic in this moment.

A blend of the storms of what is in me: my moods, my thoughts, my inspirations, what I’m doing. And of my external environment: the passage of time, the influences of weather, the community around me.

Now will never be experienced the same again.

Now is an opportunity.

And now.

And now.

And 1,000 nows from now.

Awakening to the possibility in each moment births awareness and peace.



Discover how to grow in experiencing each moment using mindfulness-based meditation. Mindful meditation is simply paying attention to the present moment with an open and curious attitude, willing to accept what is.  To help you remember to meditate, we recommend you set a daily reminder in To-Do’s.

Also, two great apps to help are Calm or Headspace. They offer free introductory guided meditations for you to try, before having to purchase a monthly subscription.

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