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They’ve acknowledged their struggle – will you?

Absolutely spectacular! Having a community to watch out for me and to watch out for makes vigilance so much easier and the battle a lot less arduous. Since getting the app, I’ve really noticed a difference not just in my own life but in that of others, and our relationships have definitely become more solid.Issa T. (on Oct 25, 2016)
Love the idea. This app and the lessons and features inside has truly been an integral part of my recovery process. I seen almost an immediate improvement after I started lessons and I’m continually getting better. Very thankful I found this app.Coty Hawes (on Oct 9, 2016)
This has been so helpful in my recovery! I love that it tracks your progress, including days you check in. Even if sobriety days are not as many as check-in days, it’s important to recognize growth where you can. I also love being able to see my friends’ progress and how their recovery is going. Support is essential to recovery, and RTribe is way to get it!Sydney Meng (on Oct 25, 2016)