Dec 2015 Feature Sneaks

Dec 2015 Feature Sneaks

Hey Tribers,

Here is what has been happening in the last few weeks.


  • iOS app has been live for 47 days
  • Our user base is growing
  • We’ve almost finished some exciting new features (more about this below)
  • Expecting to release our Android app in mid December
  • Alex and I had our picture taken for free.

This week we are hoping to submit our next big release of new features for the iPhone! It takes about 10 days for Apple to approve changes (although this can vary widely). More on this below in the Coming Soon section, but first we’d like to ask you a question:

What should we build next?

Building an app is like laying down railroad tracks ahead of the train while the train is chugging along. It’s a tricky business.

Do it wrong and you’ve got yourself a serious problem: you either lay down the wrong tracks and you wreck or you end up someplace you didn’t want to go. Do it right and the train keeps moving and builds speed toward your goal.

That’s where you come in. We genuinely consider ourselves a tribe (get used to us saying that) and so we consider your feedback crucial to our success.

Please take less than 57 seconds to help us decide what features to build next. Click on the link below.
Give Feedback by answering two important questions. We want to hear from you.

josh_alex(Josh and Alex)

We have already heard from you about some additional features you have asked for.
One thing you’ve asked for is to improve the chat feature. So the quickest improvement we could make was enabling you to delete chat messages. This will definitely be useful and was pretty simple to do. This should be ready as soon as our next update is approved by Apple.

We are also building out a customized group chat. We are in the design phase for group chat and will begin development soon. Currently you can only send a group message like a blind carbon copy email to all of your friends. We will build out the ability to truly chat with different groups so everyone in your group can see the conversation. This should be ready early next year.

New Premium Features Coming Soon

As we considered what to build after the first version, we got strong feedback from our initial beta testers and earliest users. We love hearing from you!

Two big categories of feedback we received was to have increased privacy and better statistics. We agreed and had already been working on some ideas of how to improve in both of these ways.

Improved privacy.

Our second version of rTribe will have a definite improvement when it comes to privacy when you add friends. You will be able to set the privacy level of each friend you add: acquaintance, friend, or close friend.

This screenshot of a concept image explains the new privacy features best.


Why is this improved privacy important?

Well, if you’re like most of us, you have some people you simply trust more than others. So we have created the ability to set your friend level based on how close you are, or how much you trust your friends. Sharing your sobriety date, achievements, and how you are progressing isn’t for everyone.

In the new version you can now add someone you might not know that well and set them to Acquaintance. That way you can stay connected and you can always increase their friend level if you get to know them better.

Improved Statistics.

Tribers asked us for the ability to see more in-depth statistics. We created a screen where you can view your progress. Here’s a sneak peak.

Did you catch the mistakes and made-up numbers in this concept image of the Progress Feature? This wasn’t based on real data so our numbers were a bit off. 🙂


We list your top triggers, give a view of days and general time of when you acted out, and show your overall streak for sobriety and checking in.

Help your friends.

One cool thing about this is that you will be able to see all of these progress statistics for your close friends as well. That way you can stay in touch with how everyone is doing. Gone are the days of wondering how your friend is doing but not having a way to get a bird’s eye view of their progress.

Not only this, but each day you will be able to see how many tribers are sober each day and how many have checked in. We need each other and wanted a way for you to be encouraged to check in, choose sobriety, and see that there are many other courageous men and women in recovery. And you will be able to see the tribe grow over time.

These new features should be ready by about mid December.

Premium Value.

These premium features: setting your friend levels and accessing your and your friend’s progress statistics will be available for a one month free trial. After the month these two features (and the guide email feature) will only be available if you subscribe to them. We hope you think they are worth the price of a coffee and snack to aid you in your recovery.

Remember, if you didn’t complete the survey, please take a minute to fill it out. We want to know what to build next!

We are just getting started. Keep the tribe growing and add friends so you can journey with others.

Tribe on,

Josh and Alex

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