rTribe: Day 13

Hey Tribers,

Josh and Alex here to share our first ever update on our progress at rTribe! Well, at least this is our first update since having the app in the App Store.

It will include some exciting highlights, how we got started, our big vision, and some of our mistakes. (We’ll even ask you for your help at the end)

Check out rTribe at get.rTribe.org.



  • iOS app has been live for 13 days
  • Received some great product feedback
  • Working on some exciting new features
  • Developing the Android app for a December release



We’ve been waiting for this

This is just the start of our journey. Really, it’s a huge milestone for us personally. For Alex and I to be able to share with the world how we have grown in recovery, in community, and how we can spread this to create a global tribe of men and women in recovery, is the privilege of our lives.

Alex and I started talking in January about our dreams to build an app.

We started thinking:

What if we built an app that provides one place to connect us to our recovery community and was the best addiction management tool that existed?

Facebook, Evernote, Twitter, LinkedIn. These are incredible tools that serve millions of people in their communities of friends, at work, and sharing information.

The problem is that there simply isn’t a recovery tool that has caught up with the times. Until now. In January Alex and I began asking ourselves big questions. What if we dreamed as big as we possibly could? If we didn’t have limitations, what kind of app would we create for recovery?

It would need certain things:

  1. Provide one place to manage recovery
  2. Give instant support and access to resources
  3. Empower recovery communities that already exist
  4. Look cool and be easy to use

We took our personal experience in recovery, our training as therapists, discussed our ideas with some of the world’s experts in sex addiction treatment, and hired a top team of developers to build the app.

Think of rTribe as Facebook + reality. Unlike Facebook, which is often people only sharing some fake persona about the best parts of who they are, we hope you can actually be your authentic self when using rTribe.

We’ve received some of the following feedback from leaders in our field of mental health treatment:

“We’ve been waiting for something like this”

“I’ve been eagerly watching your progress. This needs to happen. I can’t wait to see it live.”

“Nothing like this exists yet. What you’ve built is different. It’s the first time in history someone can manage their recovery and strengthen their recovery community in a way that actually helps.”

“It looks super slick”

The best part about it though is that you have decided to join us.


Our Vision: Empowering your recovery community

We deeply believe through being real and connected, we addicts find our way home.  So, while the app is important, it’s that the app can connect you to your tribe that’s most important.

So, we wanted to build the app to empower your recovery tribe.  Your recovery brothers and sisters are the key to your wholeness.  It’s so important to us, it’s in the name.  rTribe = “Our Tribe.”  For these words to even make sense they have to be uttered by a community of people together.  No individual can say “our tribe.”

If you haven’t added friends you will miss out on the true power of rTribe.  If you are unsure of where to find friends check out Find Friends Who Understand the Journey.

Let’s talk more about how you actually add friends in rTribe.


Mistakes in Friendship

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to add your friends to support you in your recovery.

But in this first version we didn’t get the adding a friend feature right. It’s a bit confusing and more complicated than we’d like. We are hard at work to make this process easier and more intuitive. We will have that out pretty soon.

Until then, here’s a quick overview of how to add a friend:

  1. Tap on the + button on the home screen.
  2. Invite friend via Email.
    1. Enter your friend’s email address.
    2. An email invitation will be sent. If your friend doesn’t have rTribe they can download it and add you as a friend using your email address.
    3. If your friend already has rTribe they will receive a push notification to add you as a friend.
  3. Or you can invite your friend via SMS. You can tell your friends about rTribe using SMS, but currently you can only add someone as a friend through email. If your friend doesn’t have rTribe they can download it and add you as a friend using your email address.


  1. Remember, USE THEIR EMAIL not SMS for adding a friend.
  2. Confirm Friends.  On the home screen you will see 3 small dots below the “CHECK IN” button on the right side of the screen.  Tap that to go to the Friends Screen.
  3. On the Friends screen tap on the check mark next to your friend’s name to accept their friendship.


  1. You’re all set! Chat, check in daily, and encourage each other in your recovery.


To our first users

We are so excited for you! You are the first tribers! We are thankful for you and want to know what you think about our app.

We have new features we are working on as we speak. But we will make better decisions if we hear from you. We take every bit of feedback we receive seriously. .

So please take 2 minutes to write to us:

What is your favorite thing about rTribe?

What do you want changed?

Reach out to me at feedback@rtribe.org and I, Josh, will personally respond. We read every email.

Tribe on,

Josh and Alex


P.S. If you want to help us out, add a review on the App Store. Reviews mean a lot to us. More reviews improve people’s ability to find us on the App Store. Plus, this is a great way for you to help let others know they aren’t alone. Go to get.rtribe.org, click on Reviews, and share your review.


P.P.S. If your experience is 3 stars or less please let us know first so we can address the issue and earn your 5 star review.

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