Darkness is for Others

Darkness is for Others

A Series of thoughts on the idea of freedom from an addict’s perspective.

When the darkness of doubt envelopes you. it is easy to feel alone. Surrounded by enemies of shame and uncertainty, you may retreat into yourself, building walls of withdrawal.


Isolating from the scrutiny of others soothes, at least for awhile. Building fortifications of fear and safeguards of shame, seem to be the safest action.


But what has ‘safety’ lead to in the past?


Freedom comes by facing your accusers,

having a conversation with your doubt,

engaging in your terror.


This kind of internal conflict can be overwhelming.


But you don’t have to battle blindly alone.


There are other warriors. They will help you see truth. Unite your shields together. Face the enemy as one.


Conquer together.
The best time to join the battle is when you least want to be with others.


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