Darkness and Discovery

Darkness and Discovery

A Series of thoughts on the idea of freedom from an addict’s perspective.

Not every day is full of discovery. The relentless pursuit of your questions is a worthy struggle. Exploration of the unknown makes discovery possible. Making friends with uncertainty, risk, danger, and darkness, while taking courageous action, is the surest way to experience breakthroughs.

Friendship requires time. Without time, trust cannot be adequately built. Learn to trust in the process of doubting. Trust in your uncertainty rather than resisting it. Success comes when you are friends with uncertainty and you can maintain your identity in the midst of the chaos of darkness.

When you are on the edge of growth you cannot have all the answers. Some things will be working for you, but you will have other areas of struggle and stuck-ness.

When you lose sight of progress, your vision fades, or your hope dwindles, remember what you know to be true. Act in spite of the unknowns ahead. Truth does not change in the darkness of uncertainty, it is simply difficult to see.

Freedom is choosing to act with courage before the dawn of discovery lights your path.


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