Community, Technology and Recovery Survey Results

Community, Technology and Recovery Survey Results


Hey Tribers,


As most are aware we just completed a user survey to understand more about your recovery efforts before and after finding rTribe.  We want to share the results with you, not only because we’re excited about them, but because we want everyone to benefit from what we’re trying to do.



  • We have a winner! Congratulations to Jose L, he won a $50 iTunes Giftcard!!!
  • 285 people took the survey. Thanks to those that took the time!
  • 87% find rTribe to be helpful in their recovery efforts
  • 55% of users say they now communicate their sobriety daily (up from 13%)


A Deeper Look

Let’s  take a deeper look into a few of the questions where the results surprised us the most.  If you want to see the whole survey, you can download it here (please let us know before you use the results).




This is the question where we’re most proud of the results, since it’s the most relevant to understanding how our users are doing in their recovery.  We are constantly trying to make sure we’re creating features to help you stay connected to your community, and to see a 42 point increase in communicating sobriety daily confirms that we’re doing something right.  We think people understand that being active in recovery is critical to progression, and sharing with others (even something as small as tapping the check-in button) can help you stay engaged.

We can’t say that we were surprised by the results of this question, however it’s still worth talking about.  We’re of the firm belief that recovery happens with the help of a community, which is why we’ve developed this app around you and your innate need to be social.  Let’s talk about all of you who haven’t shared rTribe with anyone or aren’t yet connected to rTribe friends.  Our survey shows that it’s almost 40% of our community. We want to change this for both your success and ours.


Reasons why you might not have shared rTribe:

  1. You don’t think it is helpful enough to recommend to your friends. If so, we want to know why. Please email and use the subject “rTribe friends”.
  2. You don’t know anyone else who is struggling. Take a look at our original post “Want to Find New rTribe Friends?” to learn what we need to help connect you to others, or to see other ways to meet people wanting to recover.
  3. You think no one would understand and you’d be judged. It’s true, you may be face misunderstanding from others. You can’t control how others will respond. But you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 15 million people in the US struggle with this disease, which includes Alex and Josh (founders of rTribe).


Finally, if you used to think you were alone but have now told friends, we want to hear from you. Please share your journey with us. Why did you share your struggles? How did it help? What wisdom and experience do you have to share with other Tribers about sharing your struggles?


To summarize the results in a simple way: rTribe works, but not everyone has shared it with their friends. Help us spread the word, take a moment and reflect on these questions: Who needs to know about rTribe? Who can you talk to about your struggles and the steps you are taking towards recovery?


The tribe needs you, even if they don’t yet know they have a tribe.


Thanks again for helping us,


Tribe On


P.S. If you know a therapist or pastor who could be helped by understanding what users of rTribe think, you can share the results of this survey with them.

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