Russell Brand’s Rant On Pornography [VIDEO]

Russell Brand’s Rant On Pornography If you haven’t seen Russell Brand’s rant on pornography you are missing out on some laughs and tasty insights.  This video is raw, honest, witty and packs a punch when it comes to addressing how pornography is shaping people and our culture. Until next time…Tribe on. Bio: Russell Edward Brand is an English comedian, actor, … Read More

Actor/Athlete Shares About Porn Addiction [VIDEO]

Actor/Athlete Shares About Porn Addiction Check out this video about what Terry Crews says was his “Dirty Little Secret.” Terry talks about being trapped in pornography for years.  He goes on to say it’s a worldwide problem and how it warped his mind.  At one point it got so bad his wife said: “I don’t know you anymore, I’m out.” … Read More

Getting to the Root: Brett’s Story

Getting to the Root: Brett’s Story by Brett Butcher, with Mary Leigh Keith I want to share my story because I felt like I tried everything and just wasn’t getting better. It would have been so much easier if someone told me what I know now. Eventually, I did get to the root of the problem and it changed everything. … Read More

What Actually Happens When You Say I’m Triggered

What Actually Happens When You Say “I’m Triggered”   This simple confession can do so much to save us from the trap of temptation. It is an acknowledgement to ourselves that we’re in danger of going over the edge. It’s noticing the subtle temptation lurking in the back of our minds and luring us away from where we need to … Read More

Share Your Story With the R|TRIBE Community

Even if one person’s life is positively impacted would it be worth telling your story? Our hope is that sharing your story will help countless people for years to come. We’ve created this anonymous survey where you can put your story to words. SHARE YOUR STORY Below is what you will find in the survey. Age * Select from the appropriate … Read More

Senior Executive: From Shame to Freedom

Where It All Started As I look back on my life and experiences, it has been a process of understanding of how things have come to pass. It has taken the experience of coming to grips with my sexual addiction to finally reconcile with behavioral connections from my adolescence. I grew up in a traditional family with a domineering and … Read More

Justin: Breaking Free From Porn Addiction [Video]

In this personal and moving video Justin shares how he got trapped in a porn addiction and his amazing journey to find healing.  If you have felt like a porn or sex addiction has kept you in the shadows this story is for you.  You will learn that you are not alone, that there is a way out and a … Read More