Usernames: How to Use New Features

IMPORTANT NOTE: YOUR OLD MESSAGES WILL NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE SECOND IMPORTANT NOTE: MESSAGES SENT VIA OLD VERSION WILL NOT BE RECEIVED Please read Tuesday’s Blog (Group Chat: How to Use New Features) to see more about these Notices.   How to use our new features, We have a new version we have released for both iOS and Android that has … Read More

Group Chat: How to Use New Features

Hey Tribers, group chat is has arrived! We have released a new version (v1.2) for both iOS and Android and with some very helpful improvements. Today you’ll learn about the new group chat features, and we have an important announcement about what will happen to all of your old messages. Read below for more. New Feature: Group Chat We’ve made rTribe … Read More

January 2016 rTribe Update

Our Latest and Greatest: January Review Hey Tribers, We’ve never met, but I’m guessing you’re like me and don’t love small talk. Sure, I enjoy joking around, but I’d rather connect with a friend more deeply and cut to how they are really doing. One way I do this is to try to greet friends by asking them creative questions, … Read More

It Only Takes 2 Seconds to Break Trust

NOTE: For iOS users-only.  (This article is about Premium which will come out for Android by end of March). So here’s the thing. Unfortunately, when most companies make a mistake they seek to gloss over it, minimize it, deny it, or lie about it. This is also what most addicts do when they act out. We understand when we make … Read More

Be Smarter and More Connected: Our New Features Will Help

Be Smarter and More Connected: Our New Features Will Help Hey Tribers, If you have been paying attention recently, you’ll know we are just over a mere 2 months old and we’ve released a new iOS version with some exciting new features. Not only do we have new features to share with you, but Android launched on the 22nd! A lot has been happening … Read More

Dec 2015 Feature Sneaks

Dec 2015 Feature Sneaks Hey Tribers, Here is what has been happening in the last few weeks. Highlights iOS app has been live for 47 days Our user base is growing We’ve almost finished some exciting new features (more about this below) Expecting to release our Android app in mid December Alex and I had our picture taken for free. This week … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Remembering to Give Thanks In America, today is Thanksgiving. It is a time we gather with loved ones and reflect on what we are thankful for. For many of us it can be a lonely, difficult, painful reminder that we are struggling to find freedom. One thing we know for sure is the value of reflecting on what we are … Read More

rTribe: Day 13

Hey Tribers, Josh and Alex here to share our first ever update on our progress at rTribe! Well, at least this is our first update since having the app in the App Store. It will include some exciting highlights, how we got started, our big vision, and some of our mistakes. (We’ll even ask you for your help at the … Read More