How to Use Victory vs. Setback Check in

How to Use Victory vs. Setback Check in What we say to others and to ourselves is critical. And it’s easy to not think too carefully about how we use language. Yet, our self talk helps define how we perceive reality. So after much reflection, we’ve made improvements in some of our fundamental language in the app. In rTribe you … Read More

November Update: Find Friends Feature is Here! Grow Your Tribe!

November Update: Find Friends Feature is Here! Grow Your Tribe! Hi Tribers, November was truly an exciting month for us at rTribe. This is our monthly update focused entirely on our new feature, Find Friends. We’ve also got some cool stats to share with you. Read on!   Recent Highlights Find Friends is live on both iOS and Android! 285% increase … Read More

October 2016 Update: New Find Friends Feature Announcement

October 2016 Update: New Find Friends Feature Announcement Hi Tribers! In this month’s update read about new directions rTribe is taking and new features we are releasing! Recent Highlights Big improvements coming in the next few weeks. We’ve been hard at work making rTribe better. Soon you’ll be able to find others within rTribe. Read on to find out more. iOS 1 … Read More

September 2016 Update: Enabling Better Communication

September 2016 Update: Enabling Better Communication Hi Tribers! First, consider this: intimacy requires exploration. You see, so often in our addiction we have replaced intimacy with intensity. Instead of doing the hard work of pursuing intimacy, we seek out the easy; the quick intensity of our addiction. Whether it is porn, inappropriate sexual behavior, or some other problematic distracting behavior, … Read More

August 2016 Update: What Motivates You?

August 2016 Update:  What Motivates You? Hi Tribers! It will only take a few minutes to read our August update.  Even though a lot is going on, most of it’s just boring business related items.  So we’ll keep to the fun things here. Read on to learn how you can help everyone who uses rTribe! Motivation noun | mo·ti·va·tion | … Read More

July Update: Calling all Recovery Leaders

July Update: Calling all Recovery Leaders   Hi tribers! Here is your quick July update on all things rTribe. Things have been quite busy here at rTribe central. In reflecting on this, while there is a lot that our small team has been working on, the magic isn’t always in the hype. So today we will share about the power … Read More

June 2016 Update: Creativity & Growth

June 2016 Update:  Creativity & Growth   Hi Tribers! At rTribe we love the creative process. Taking something that doesn’t exist, imagining what could be, dreaming together, and then working together to make that idea a reality is a thrilling experience. The creative process is a lot like recovery in many ways: Initially you have an idea of what you … Read More

May 2016 Update: Drip, Drip, Drip

Hi Tribers! Drip, drip, drip. An ocean is filled with the slow drips from a glacier high up in the mountains. It takes a long time for the initial water droplet to reach the ocean. But in time that one drop joins others and becomes a torrent. rTribe continues to grow! In terms of downloads, we are growing at about … Read More

April 2016 rTribe Update

April 2016 rTribe Update Hello Tribers! I love taking time to reflect. It wasn’t always that way. But since I started being honest about my secrets and problems I have learned the value of reflecting many different things: On my year at the end of every year. On my day, on how I feel in the moment. On how I … Read More

Community, Technology and Recovery Survey Results

Community, Technology and Recovery Survey Results   Hey Tribers,   As most are aware we just completed a user survey to understand more about your recovery efforts before and after finding rTribe.  We want to share the results with you, not only because we’re excited about them, but because we want everyone to benefit from what we’re trying to do. … Read More