rTribe’s Guide Feature

rTribe’s Guide Feature is a great way to keep your mentors, therapist, and other types of guides connected to your growth path. If you have a guide, here are the quick steps to get them a weekly report on your progress. This is a premium feature, at $5.99 a month, which enables your guide to stay connected to your progress. … Read More

6 Ways to Help as a Guide

So, someone has asked for your help as a Guide on rTribe. And what is rTribe anyways? If you haven’t heard, rTribe is an innovative online community of people who are tracking and sharing their struggles and victories daily to experience deep transformation. Tribers, as we call them, use rTribe to overcome their deepest struggles, addictions, and pain. We also … Read More

5 Ways to Help An Addict

  So, an addict has asked for your help. Now what? First, recognize the brave step that person took and acknowledge it to them.   Most people who struggle with a porn problem or a sex addiction don’t want to talk about it.   Second, consider this a test.     The person who wants you to be a guide … Read More

Get There Faster: How Guides Accelerate Recovery

  Guides Are Essential Isn’t it true that we often try harder and succeed more often when someone with experience is leading us?   Teachers, coaches, and mentors can all get us to our destinations more quickly than by ourselves. Guides are essential in life.  Especially, in recovery.      Yet, many people in recovery underutilize them.  Why is that? For … Read More