Hooked on porn, had to learn to fish.

Hooked on porn, had to Learn to fish. By Dave Barnette, originally published by The Washington Post   In the end, it was the girl across the street who understood the situation most clearly, the tiny one who dressed like a middle-aged Realtor and carefully studied my family’s demise. I was approaching 40, and the terms of my second marriage … Read More

What’s your Why

What’s your Why? Victor Frankl was a psychotherapist and Holocaust survivor who wrote a book about the experience called Man’s Search For Meaning.  If you have not read it yet, I highly recommend you do so.   Seeing what these men endured in the camps will certainly give perspective to anything we are encountering. In the book he talks about the … Read More

She Needs to Throw Rocks

She Needs to Throw Rocks By Eddie Capparucci, MA, LPC   One of the most tragic aspects of a sexual addiction is the emotional pain our insensitive and self-absorbed actions cause to our innocent partner. They are the unfortunate ones who get tangled in our web of deceit and are made to pay a large price for our destructive behavior. … Read More

Boredom & Breakthroughs

The Opportunity of Boredom You probably know this formula all too well: Boredom + distraction = Trouble. When we get bored it is our natural instinct to stop being bored and ask, what should I do? With that question, and without the proper vision, there’s chance for trouble. You see, boredom is one of the top triggers that is reported … Read More

Wisdom of Yoda

The Wisdom of Yoda Recently I was watching one of the Stars Wars movies and there is a scene where Anakin is explaining to Yoda a recurring nightmare of losing Princess Leia.  Yoda listens with intent, takes a breath and replies…. “Careful Young Anakin, the fear of loss is a path to the Dark Side” As usual Yoda is right. … Read More

Kill the Beast

Kill the beast Shame is a beast. It stalks you in the night, attacking with accusations. I will never be __________ enough. Who am I to try _________? I don’t have what it takes. I hate myself. If they really knew me… If they knew  _________, I would be rejected. I’m chicken****. I’m unworthy. Until you are known and tell … Read More

Is Your Recovery Thriving?

Is your recovery thriving? Starting out in recovery but not sure where to begin? Have you been trying and failing to succeed in your recovery far longer than you’d like to admit? When I (Josh) was in my addiction I was struggling…again and again I would try to stop certain behaviors that went against my values. Again and again I … Read More

Nine Ways to Ruin Romance

Nine Ways to Ruin Romance Are you tired of flaming out in love? February 19th, 2016 | Posted by Rob Weiss on Psychology Today   After more than two decades as a psychotherapist specializing in relationship and intimacy issues, I can’t even begin to count the number of ways in which I’ve seen clients ruin a perfectly good romantic relationship. … Read More

You Lock Yourself in a Prison

You Lock Yourself in a Prison You are free Free to fly Free to become what you long for, Free to discover and seek your searching   Yet you lock yourself in a prison, Confined.   Bound by self-loathing, Stewing in your own s*** of shame.   You’ve thrown away the key of hope, Self-imposed solitary confinement.   Walled yourself … Read More

I Grew Up Climbing

I grew up climbing. Rocks, tall trees, and rooftops were my playground. Whenever and wherever, I loved to explore what was above me. After college it became all about reaching the summit. My joy of climbing became an obsession about the top. Climbing big rocks became my passion for a season. I wasn’t particularly good, but I loved it. When … Read More