Two People in One Brain: How It Works

Two People in One Brain: How It Works By Marc Lewis, Ph.D. When I said I wanted to move further into the psychology of addiction, I didn’t mean I was about to forget the brain. The subtleties of your thoughts and the cellular activities of your brain might seem like different planets, impossible to gaze at simultaneously. Yet both are going on … Read More

My Addiction: An Asian American Experience

My Addiction: An Asian American Experience By Sam Louie, MA, LMHC Tribers, We’re exited to share Sam’s story with our community.  We know a lot of people using our app feel stuck between two very different worlds, the one they share with everyone and the one they keep to themselves.  One thing we are always harping on, is that you … Read More

Keep it Simple, Not Easy

Keep it simple, not easy By Kathy Kinghorn, LCSW, CSAT-S Tribers, Kathy wrote a helpful article to encourage you in your thought-life. Take a few minutes to read this article and reflect on your thoughts. If you follow her simple instructions, over time it can have a profound impact on your life. As the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus wrote, “Man’s … Read More

The 5 Lies That Keep Us Coming Back to Porn [Audio]

Episode 75: The 5 Lies That Keep Us Coming Back to Porn by Matt Dobschuetz, June 13, 2016 There are 5 lies I hear over and over again from guys trying to quit porn. These are the mistaken beliefs that go through our head right before we act out. In this episode, I label the 5 lies and share 5 … Read More

What Are Powerful Questions?

What Are Powerful Questions? Tribers, One of the biggest ways you can help others is by learning to ask powerful questions. So often, we try to offer advice, try to reassure, compliment, or encourage from our own experience. These are all good things, in the right time and place. But when a friend is struggling, feeling stuck, or when they … Read More

I’m in Recovery, Why Can’t My Wife Just Move On?

Tribers, Kathy wrote a great article, with some good imagery, to help explain what someone may be experiencing after a traumatic event, whether it be the attack on the World Trade Center or a breach of a marital agreement.  She wraps up the article with some thoughts and guidance as to how to help someone through the experience, setting the … Read More

Are Women Safe in 12-Step Sexual Recovery Meetings*?

Are Women Safe in 12-Step Sexual Recovery Meetings*? By Staci Sprout   When I teach health care professionals about identifying and treating sex addiction, I am often asked the following questions about women and sexual recovery: What about female sex addicts? Should I refer women to 12-Step meetings for sex addiction? Won’t there be mostly men? Won’t there be sexual … Read More

Freedom Needs Food

Freedom Needs Food Without food we die. It’s the same with growing in your recovery. One meal won’t keep you alive.  The occasional snack may let you live but it’s only healthy eating that leads to a thriving physical life. You must eat regularly and healthily if you want to grow strong. Obvious, but something we so easily forget when … Read More

Healing Helps

Healing Helps Addiction thrives in isolation.  Secrets, pain, despair, hopelessness, and insanity thrive when we leave the tribe.  Or worse, when we didn’t know we belonged to a tribe. If you’ve experienced healing, you know healing happens in community. You belong to a tribe.  Your brain is wired for connection: to be in community with others. You will heal if … Read More

5 Things Addicts Should (& Shouldn’t) Say to Partners

5 Things Addicts Should (& Shouldn’t) Say to Partners by Vicki Tidwell Palmer, LCSW Working with partners and sex addicts over the past 9 years, I’ve been told, and witnessed, many examples of  successful—and less than successful—dialogues between addicts and partners. Successful couples’ conversations usually have the following characteristics: Listening with curiosity and openness Minimal defensiveness Willingness to attempt to understand the other person’s perspective … Read More