Can Anger Be An Addiction?

Would anyone describe you as an angry person? Have you wondered why you struggle so much with anger? Or maybe you’re not angry all the time but you’re struggling to overcome surprising rage that sometimes comes out? Often anger is the result or manifestation of deep hurt and fear. Anger can be a defense mechanism when we do not know … Read More

How is Your Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence often seems disconnected from standard intelligence. Often the highly intelligent in our world act in immature ways. How can this be? How can a lack of wisdom coexist with high intelligence in a person? In this article by Annie Highwater, originally appearing here, we learn that emotional intelligence (Emotional IQ) is very different than mental intelligence and that … Read More

The Remedy for Loneliness

In 1985 a survey showed that most Americans had 3 friends they could talk to about things that were important to them. In 2004 the same survey showed that number of friends dropped to zero! That means most Americans don’t have anyone they can trust to talk about important matters, let alone have courageous conversations that require even more trust … Read More

Changing the Conversation about Addiction

If you struggle with addiction, or know someone who does, you would benefit from watching this powerful TED talk by Johann Hari. It’s titled “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong” and it addresses powerful ideas and evidence about what causes addiction and how to overcome it. Take 15 minutes to watch it, and then ask yourself, who … Read More

Could Your Thoughts be Preventing You from Your Goals?

by Josh Kalsbeek What biases do you currently have that might be getting in the way? I’m excited to talk about today’s question: what biases do you currently have that might be getting in the way? Why am I excited? Because if we can identify these biases, and replace them with truth, it’s a necessary, and powerful way to grow. … Read More

What is Your Why

by Josh Kalsbeek Whenever you tackle a big challenge it’s important to understand why you are doing it. The going will get tough, and when you are having a ‘gut check’ and feel like you are deep in the depths of the pain cave, you need a reason to draw you forward. So often with clients I work with I’ve … Read More


Anger & Forgiveness Tribers, Have you ever had trouble forgiving because it felt impossible, or you simply didn’t know how to forgive? Who hasn’t struggled with forgiveness, right? By forgiving, we let go of our grievances, resentment, and judgments, allowing ourselves to heal. While this may sound good in theory, in practice it can feel impossible. It is important to … Read More

Withdrawal From Love

Withdrawal From Love Tribers, Instead of focusing on romance for today, it being Valentine’s Day, let’s look at withdrawing from love. Sounds fun right? Maybe not fun. But important? Yep. If you’re struggling with withdrawing from love, this is going to make your day. rTribe   Withdrawal From Love By susanpeabody 01/31/18 For most of my adult life, I had … Read More

The Secret Power of Shame

The Secret Power of Shame Hello Tribers, We are so glad you are here. Now take a deep breath and let’s get real about shame. Unhealthy shame is one of the most toxic parts of being human. If you’re human, you have shame. We’ve all had the same thought before: “I am bad”, “I’m stupid”, or “I’m worthless”. Guilt says … Read More

Codependency: What is It, Really?

Codependency Hey Tribers, When we think ‘healthy relationship’, we imagine both partners who depend on each other equally for love, emotional support & encouragement. However, the tendency to lose yourself in a relationship; forgetting what makes you, you, is called ‘codependency. It’s a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person’s  addiction, poor mental health, … Read More