Breathe, Smile

Breathe, Smile

Breathe deep. Draw in love. Slow down and become present to the light within you. There is hope in this moment. There is an aliveness. Living cannot be done in the past or future. You can only be you today. There is freedom in the now. The future stretches out before you in an unknown horizon.


What will you be, depends on the now. Where are you? What would it be to return to yourself? You are here, now. Find meaning in this moment, even if, especially if, your meaning is simply to love yourself in this moment. How many times do you feel like you aren’t getting it right? How many shaming shoulds weigh you down? How many expectations do you put on yourself? What expectations do you let rush in unfiltered from others?


Breathing returns you to now. Breathe and smile. If you took more conscious breaths and simply smiled, life could blossom in beauty. Honor the light in you and smile. Feel the pain and discomfort. Smile. Weep at your losses and smile, tasting the salty sweetness and sorrow of now.


Pain becomes suffering only when you resist it, only when losing sight of acceptance.


Remember, Tribe On!



Schedule mindful moments where you breathe. Yes, schedule your breathing. Practice breathing and being present. Remember which wolf you are feeding.