Boredom & Breakthroughs

The Opportunity of Boredom

You probably know this formula all too well:

Boredom + distraction = Trouble.

When we get bored it is our natural instinct to stop being bored and ask, what should I do? With that question, and without the proper vision, there’s chance for trouble.

You see, boredom is one of the top triggers that is reported within rTribe. And it makes sense when you think about it. We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by email, media, advertisements, and distractions.

So it’s no wonder we struggle with boredom. We have forgotten, or never learned, how to handle silence and solitude. So it is good to be intentional about your time, keep your calendar structured, and come up with strategies for how to handle boredom.

However, boredom presents an opportunity: to make a change. Boredom means you can look at things differently, and changing your mindset brings potential change in your life.

When boredom creeps in, there just might be another formula:

Boredom + Good Questions = Breakthrough.

It is only in silence and solitude that some discoveries can be made.

It is only in silence and solitude that depth can be developed.

Sometimes these are breakthroughs in self-awareness, in gratitude, in inspiration, or in creativity. If we never intentionally practice being mindful and present, then when we get bored, we won’t have the skills to handle this trigger.


Reflecting on Breakthroughs

Sometimes breakthroughs happen and we hardly notice them.

Sometimes we miss them completely.

Maybe you’ve experienced a breakthrough in gaining more sobriety this year.

Maybe you’ve experienced a breakthrough in telling others about your struggles.

Maybe you’ve experienced a breakthrough in checking in and staying connected to your recovery community by using rTribe.

Maybe you’ve experienced a breakthrough in how you think, or how you see yourself.

In silence and solitude we can gain awareness of what has been happening in our recovery.


5 Simple Steps to reflect on your breakthroughs

Take some time to reflect on 2016. You’re halfway through the year. How is it going? Here’s a suggestion of how you can reflect:

  1. Take an hour, unplug from all electronics, turn off your phone
  2. Go to a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted. Perhaps a place in nature. If you don’t have a place like this, prioritize finding one.
  3. Take a journal or something to write with.
  4. Reflect and answer these 7 questions:
    • What breakthroughs have I experienced this year?
    • What am I thankful for?
    • What has God/a friend/a loved one done to help me in my recovery?
    • What has helped me the most in my recovery?
    • If my life depended on taking action on what you learned this year, what would I do?
    • What have I been avoiding that I can take action on? When? Who will I tell about this?
    • Who can I help from what I have learned in my recovery? What can I do to help them?

Share some of your answers in your check-in journal with your rTribe friends. Or let us know what breakthroughs you have experienced in 2016 by emailing us at

Stay connected,