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Why Become a Four Streams Coach (4SC)- Powered by rTribe?

Build your client base with less marketing effort and receive certification hours for running "Streams" coaching circles

•Throw away your business cards
•Join 4SC and you're instantly connected to clients waiting for you
•Simply focus on helping people, not finding clients

Get smart-matched with clients that fit your specialty

• Tell us your focus and specializations
• We get you the clients who need help in those areas
• Minimize referrals, maximize working in your areas of expertise

Total control of your most
valuable resource

• Set your own coaching schedule
• Determine how many clients you want to work with
• Work whenever you want
• Maintain a work-life balance

Earn more, spend less

• You can earn as much as in your private practice
• No need to rent an office
• We offer an industry-best 75/25 split

Work from anywhere

• No commute
• Work from home
• Fill in empty slots in your private practice

Join Four Streams Coaching

Coaching on 4SC powered by rTribe is easy, effective, secure, and ethical.

If you're looking to stop doing marketing, find a new revenue stream, or improve your flexibility in how and where you work, you can reach new clients that you couldn't previously access.

4SC powered by rTribe is the only online coaching platform that has an integrated social recovery community. Your clients will have additional tools and a committed community to provide daily support. Unlike typical coaching, you won't be alone in your work.

Safety is our top priority

  • Licensed certified coaches are carefully screened and validated.
  • We have advanced cybersecurity tools to keep data secure and to protect against data leaks and hackers.

rTribe is Uniquely Effective

  • More than 400,000 people have tried our platform as a tool for personal growth. Now you will have access to this community, for those who are interested in coaching.
  • You will not only provide professional coaching, but our platform helps connect your clients to a community of people seeking healing. They can stay connected to the tools we provide to improve their transformation.
  • Our platform empowers you to have helpful data on the progress of your clients by daily tracking your client's mood, healthy behaviors, progress and setback patterns.

Our Coaching Portal is Easy to use!

  • Work from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a computer or mobile device and can connect to the internet.
  • Benefit from the community professional coaches. Say goodbye to being an isolated coach.
  • Provide excellent care for your clients through our new cutting edge platform.
  • You don't have to worry about marketing. We bring clients to you.